Thor 2 4th print FOC Monday 8/3

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virgin copy available as well

I have one of the regular cover ordered. Cover is ok but Cates is hot, and this story will be a foundation for something I suspect as well.

Thor is awkwardly positioned…whatcha hidin’ there, Galacti?

I can’t get past it…I’m out.

So Thor 2 1st is breaking $70, and 5 1st is breaking $50. Might be time to dump.

I just got them for the read, so I’m happy with the reprints as most are better covers anyway.

I have no vested interest otherwise.

Thor#2 can be a major key. Three things going for it.

I don’t sell until something is in the works or I don’t see long term value. Look at Edge of Spiderverse #2. I could have easy peeled off at $70 and said I out. Held as the character has long term value. Now? Raw going for $500 a pop or so. Patience and timing are key in comics

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It’s why I have a few copies… 1 for the PC 1 to flip while it’s hot and 2nd to wait out. Either way the flip paid for all 3 so it’s never a loss.

Ya. I buy multi’s on the keys and sit and wait. Let them brew. Look at The Externals. Bought those in the early 90’s for $1 each at a great grade IMO. Now … well … You know. Patience.

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Can’t hold onto them forever if you’re planning on making cash…otherwise you might as well throw them in the trash.

Haha, that rhymes! Cash it, or trash it!

I do regret not grabbing a copy of wonderwoman at the lcs the other day…had two n the shelf…half hour drive and they’re likely gone or have been pulled to be marked up now…

I am a collector first. Profiteer second. I only sell if I have multiple comics of something and the time is right. Quick bucks is not why I collect.


Oh man, once I can get to my comic book box I’ve got to check what I have. I THINK I have Thor 1 & 3 1st prints. I do recall asking about #2 (I don’t follow Marvel too closely to know what is going on with Thor) and Darren (shop employee) kinda half chuckled and said they don’t it but should be getting 2nd prints soon. This was in late May or early June when shops were finally opening up a bit after CoVID initially locked us down.

As a result I stopped after reading #1 and never went back to read 3 since i didn’t know what happens in 2.

I’ll have to grab Thor 2 for sure! Honestly, I forgot about it!

It’s a good read so far. Just wait until issue 6 hits stands and then read them all again for the full story arc to really enjoy it.

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Well, I found a happy suprise in my Marvel box: I have 2020 Thor 1 2nd print, and 3 & 4 1st printings. I am correct about not owning Thor 2… gonna have to grab that and likely subscribe to the on going series. I really enjoyed book 1, Cates is doing a good job!