Thor #2 (4th Print)

Just saw a new preorder for the 4th print now. No images of cover but just fyi if you are chasing them all.

Yeah, I noticed them on TFAW earlier today and ordered a few. Might as well right, since additional printings are all the rave now…

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I chased/preordered every follow up printing of Venom for issues #1, #2, and #3 up to the 2nd print only (on the issue #3) …UGGGGG…I won’t be making that mistake again. I’d rather ante up for the few books than have that regret again (at least on these current hot books).

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Will be interesting what this cover is as 3rd print was just the 1st printing different lighting.

I’m making 3 sets of thor. 1 for myself, and 2 to hold and sell later on. It’s pricey since I started really trying on issue 5. I’m down to 1 copy of issue 2 cover a, 2 copies of 2 second print, 1 copy of issue 3 second print, and 1 copy of issue 4 cover a. Then I’ll be caught up. The lcs has me down for 3 copies of all the new printings and cover a’s that come out from here on out. But damn these last few I need are a pain in the butt lol

I knew it!! Just was talking to someone on IG about this.

Had to order more of the last reprint