Thor 5 2nd cover art

How do you not use the Black Winter as Thor panel?

Regret pre-ordering this now.

For some reason my image won’t load. Maybe someone else can post it. The cover is Thor facing off with the group of villains.

They didnt use it because store varaint retailers would have been mad

When has that mattered? Virus has a bunch of store exclusives and they put him on the Venom 25 2nd print and also the Venom 26 cover A.

Unnamed Venom 25 character has a bunch of exclusives and they put him on the Venom 25 2nd print.

Knull had several store exclusives (remember the whole first cover debate) and they still put him on the Venom 3 3rd print cover.

The only Black Winter cover exclusive I saw I think was the Frankies Momoko #6. Theres a lot more Virus and unnamed symbiote exclusives out there.

More the reason to use it… :wink:

Is it over a MB in size? Send to me if you want cause the logs say it’s just “uploading” but normally it should tell you if something is over the limit, etc.

The image is on the Momoko thread. Maybe theirs is smaller. Let’s try that.

Yeah, I saw that one but I"m still curious as to why your’s didn’t upload. I’m the techie here at CHU so if it didn’t complain about it being over 1MB in size (which it should before it even attempts to upload), I find it odd.

Like the comments on the main site, if you ever see a direct link to an image http://[URL]/some_image_name_here.jpg you can just paste the URL here and the forums will actually download the image to use a local copy so if the URL ever goes away, it will still continue to display the image. :slight_smile:

Wrong panel marvel :unamused::unamused:

Or there’s more coming into the story than we realize or know??? Everyone wants Black Winter but one could argue that it was Black Winter in Thor’s mind creating all these illusions, so these are all Black Winter as well…

Mind blown :exploding_head:

Oh man, I forgot about this one… just as good for the dun dun dunnnnn…

It matters because people want to make money. To make money the capitalize on whats hot. Momoko is hot, Cates with Black Winter is hot rigth now.

Swing…and a miss, Marvel.

My point being they are doing multiple store exclusives with Virus and unnamed symbiote and they went ahead and put both on the venom 25 2nd and also virus on the Venom 26.

There’s a lot more money involved in the 5-10 Virus/Symbiote exclusives with retailers all over the country then the one Black Winter.

So why would they not want to put BW on the Thor 5 2nd to piss off one online store…but piss off a half dozen plus retailers who did exclusives with Virus/symbiote?

Not to mention stores who did Virus (like Unknown comics) are bigger stores then Frankies (who did BW).

And to top it off Frankies who did the BW Thor, also did an unnamed symbiote Venom 26. Then Marvel put same character on the Venom 25 2nd. So don’t piss Frankies off on Thor, but piss Frankies off on Venom?

There’s also a history of this as with characters like Knull in the past as well doing both store exclusives and later printings.

Any of you Donny Cates lovers, did we every find out why Cates tweeted that Dr Strange sorcerer supreme #44 book with 1st Cyttorak like 2 years ago? Because if not there you go Black Winter.

And now the 2nd print trade is officially worthless.

Why wouldn’t UKCB Choose different art and make it a 1000/3000 trade/virgin option?

Do you think they have to order 3000 of these virgin variants?

I saw some fellow hyping the hell out of these in a group. Discussing what a great value and spec it is???
I’m thinking to myself…what an absolute, complete waste of $20 bucks (and shipping).

I would imagine picking the same art makes their overall cost lower. Picking a new cover eats into their profits.

Unknown always does that though. They did the same thing on Thanos for like 5 issues.