Thor 6 Greg Horn variant

If you buy a book for $5, sell it for $10, you’ve made $5 and a 100% ROI.

If you buy a book for $30, sell it for $50, you’ve made $20 and a 67% ROI.

I think everyone would prefer the $20 profit over the $5. I get the investment strategy but there are many different ways to look at it and judge success.

When dealing with a lower entry point you most often will have a larger ROI.

But that being said, as a whole store exclusives don’t climb as often as a cover A would. They don’t tend to be great investments.

The trade dress was $14.99 I believe btw.

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It was $15 for a trade or $40 for a trade and virgin set.

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Yes, but if you equal out the original investments for each book;
$30 investment in cover A = $60 ROI
$30 investment in store book = $20 ROI

So, for the same investment risk of $30, one avenue provides a $60 ROI and the other has a $20 ROI.
The rate of return on a store book is typically lower than it’s open order counterpart.

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That is exactly why anyone should buy any comic, imo.
I was simply pointing out the basic economics of speculation on new books.


I tend to stay away from store variants unless I really like it for my PC.

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Yes but that’s assuming you can get 6 quantity of that store book. Another factor as well.

But we are both on the same page. Ha.

And I agree. I think all comic buying should be buy about buying books you like. Grabbing some extras to help pay for the hobby from time to time is just smart to me.

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This is exactly what I pointed out when I went into detail about selling raws vs slabbed books. Sure the amount of money can be greater if you bought low, invested money to slab and sold high but selling a book you maybe bought for $4 and turn around and sell for $100 or $200… you can judge by the % the amount of success that book returned on your investment.

Buy low, sell high… if you made profit, you already won, doesn’t matter how much the profit was…

That’s how I got into comic speculation, as a way to have my comic hobby become a zero sum hobby. It has worked out well beyond that now. Comics for the win.


Time to get a credit card for the family dog and family cat. :wink:

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I’ll have to double check but I believe the trade dress was $15 or $20. I bought 2 Copies and sold one for double so I basically got it for about cover after Shipping, tax, fees, etc…

And the whole ROI is why I look for only comics at cover or slightly more unless it’s for the PC. Maybe I can’t by 6 Copies of one comic, but I can diversify and buy 2 Copies of three different comics…chances are the average ROI will still be better than all
My eggs on one basket approach going after a store variant of equal cost of 6 comics.

The Greg Horn Venom 25 was one of my few cases I have deviated in recent months…but I had a feeling about it being the only first cover On the market and character Appearance s already Confirmed (Thanks CHU spoilers!). But even then I only bought 2 trade dress. Not exactly breaking the bank.

I tell ya though…screw shop variants and Momoko…venom, strange academy and Thor reprints are where it’s at! Getting these things at cover or less, ROI about 300%!

$15 was the buy in for trade dress copy’s I bought 3 sold them $45 each Venom #25 Horn

And not just paying for hobby but many other things…

So I originally used my own income to buy books to read. Over time after seeing more and more of what was being talked about on CHU got me to start flipping some books.

So my initial investment of books to buy more books has turned into, all the money in my Paypal now and for the past 4 years has ended up being entertainment related funds.

All the comics and LEGO’s I buy now are all funded by flipping stuff. I literally spend zero amount of my actual income on comics or LEGO’s and sometimes other things purchased via Paypal.

I even got a deal where I acquired thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment me and another guy went halfsies on back in 2016. It was gutting and placing out parts to sell to maximize profits on eBay sales that paid for a 10k 14 day vacation for the family in Hawaii a couple of years back and then another 16 day 5,500 mile RV trip up and around the western part of the United States as well.

So yeah, do it smart, collect the things you want, buy some extras to sell to buy more things… can really pay off.

It did help acquiring a lot of computer equipment, yes, it was 100% profit since all the extra work involved in selling was out of my own free time but it fast tracked some of my vacations for sure.

Horn was my 1st variant so I bought for PC not even thinking of flipping. But now? If I buy 1 for PC I def try to grab another for the flip to recoup and possibly make a lil extra. And so far it has worked.

Store variants are a PC purchase for myself. If I get my eye on something else I want, then the store variants are generally the first to go. Usually you make back what you put in


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