Thor 6 Greg Horn variant

I wonder if this issue is actually gonna be big with all these covers. Forget the variants ai mean cover A interior is the comic gonna be “noteworthy” I’d assume so because The black winter vs Thot is either a dud or a setup to a future story.

Where is this one?

@jimee11 Typically Horn sells right from his own website.

His site

That virgin remarked is :fire: And double signed.

One thing I found interesting is Thor is in the trade, but he’s not in the virgin.

Look at the bottom.

You buying one?

Probably not as I already bought the Momoko and the Skan sets. There’s just so many different ones. I’ve seen at least 6-10 exclusives on #6 alone. I don’t see any going crazy in the secondary market as people seem to gravitate towards regular issues books over store exclusives when the store exclusive isn’t clearly first (like the Horn Venom 25 was).

You’ve got the Thor 4 2nd that beat all the #6 covers for first BW cover. But if you want to look at Thor form BW, I think most will gravitate towards the 1:50. And we haven’t seen the B cover yet so that could be BW as well.

Your talking about Thor 4 2nd for the 1:50 and B cover?

No. Issue 6 has a 1:50 Del Otto cover with BW Thor form on the cover. The cover B has not been revealed yet and is just listed as spoiler variant.

I’d imagine it’s BW in some form on the cover, but that’s just a guess. You’d think if it was just regular BW that it wouldn’t be much of a spoiler.

Nah… It’s a Skroce variant so it will be an original from him.

Then just release the darn art. Ha.

Yeah… I like Skroce’s art, he rarely disappoints but sometimes these classified variants end up being disappointments.

That they do. I have hopes though (maybe because I ordered a few, ha).

The Greg Horn Dark Night Metal #6 variants that first show Harley Who Laughs might be a sleeper pick. I know regular Harley is coming into the Death Metal story soon could we possibly get a Harley Who Laughs finally after all this time. She has only been on covers in a couple different incarnations thus far.

Death Metal #6 Horn covers
And Batman Who Laughs #7 Mattina

All store exclusives

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It looks like from what I can tell, Horn did 5 covers for #6. He’s still got them on his site.

A trade for Comic Exposure. Then a virgin of that cover plus a second virgin of that cover with a different mask which were both convention exclusives for C2E2. These are the second image in your post.

Then the first image was virgin only for C2E2. Then a different cover also virgin only for C2E2.

So 5 in total, 3 different covers.

DC Collectables also made the statue of the one of her holding the mask. Only thing outside of the covers that has ever been done with her.

What was the buy in for the Venom 25 Horn trade dress book? $20/$25/$30 + shipping? The book is currently fetching about $60 on feeBay. So, if the initial buy in was $30, the book has only doubled in value. Now, Venom 25 cover A is seeing about $20 on feeBay, and it was a $6 buy in. It has tripled in value, at least, while the 2nd print of Venom 25 is seeing about $30 on a $6 buy in. It’s value has increased by 5x.

In conclusion, for Venom 25;
Trade dress store variant = 2x ROI
Cover A = 3x ROI
2nd Print = 5x ROI
(*ROI = return on investment)

Choose your investments wisely. Store variants rarely increase at a better rate than open order books at your LCS. :thinking:

Yeah the ROI on store variants is definitely lower but for me I’m buying certain ones because I like them and I prefer trades over virgins mostly(so far) so the virgin gets sold pays for the whole purchase and more and I still have my trade copy.

I dont buy them thinking of a big flip as always I buy what I like but I agree with you 100%

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