Thor #7 Store Variant May reveal that new threat

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No way… Knull is really Marilyn Manson?

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I have seen Manson in concert not that long ago, Manson is way fatter.

I saw Manson live at Ozzfest in 2001. Me and 7 friends took a limo down to the harbour front in Toronto where the concert was being held.
Slipknot opened for Manson, and Manson opened for Sabbath. Sabbath original line up was the headliner on stage 1, and they were the reason I was there.
I was young and stupid at the time, and I was quite smitten with throwing shit at Manson while he was performing. I had missed hitting him in all my attempts, until, the final object thrown, my bic lighter, nailed him on his shoulder. About 5 minutes later, Manson was hit with another object and Manson called out the dude who threw it, invited him up onto the stage where Manson berated him for being a jackass, then had security escort the jackass out of the venue.
I eventually made it up to the front row for the Sabbath show were Ozzy shot me in the face with a giant water cannon type thing. It was awesome.


I never saw Manson. But this cover reminds me of the mosh pit when I saw Slayer in 1987 at L’Amours in Brooklyn, NY, lol.

Thor 7 1:25 back in stock at tfaw

Hmmm… maybe they miscounted pre-orders… but sometimes that pre-order button is deceiving. I haven’t clicked it to see if it lets me add it as I don’t want that book.

There’s a few ratios they put on sale again that were originally out. I think they recounted their numbers.