Thor 8 Phantom

I just posted this on the Wednesday open forum but want to make sure it gets seen. There is a to of buzz behind Thor 8 because Jane Foster’s identity is revealed to be the new Thor. There were three phantom variants for it, The Black and white is currently selling in the $16-$18 range. You can pick up a 7 pack of different phantoms including the BW #8 for $14 with free shipping Phantom Variant Lot

Phantom variant? Looks to be a shop variant by Searchlight Comics?

The more you buy, the more you save! 4 or more sets would be $11.99 ea.

Phantom variants were a group of retailers that split print runs. So a 3k print run could go to 12 shops.

Thats gotta be nice for the retailers who originally made that exclusive, to have it go ‘off’ from SDCC. Thats a nice little bonus revenue from an otherwise dead source.

Except they probably sold them cheap a long time ago as they were sick of sitting on them. Array posted on Facebook he went to his warehouse and had no Thor books.