Thor #9 1:25

Anyone know who is on the cover of Thor #9 1:25?

I mean, is that Thor with PTSD?

Check out Cover A of Thor #10. Pretty certain the 1:25 Cover for Thor #9 is Donald Blake, a new twisted version being introduced in this arc.! Incredible incentive cover!

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Unknown has the 1:25 incentive for Thor 9 on sale now. First place ive found it.

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Thank you. Very good price also

Still some cheap options on eBay as well for Thor #9 1:25. I’m sure as it gets closer, retailers will be bumping the price up on these.

It was $14.95. I ended up Going With TFAW ($19.95) as it’ll get paired up with Other books…and most books i get from Unknown seem to come back with some ink on the back cover on the backing boards for Marvel issues (Marvel Rub).

It makes sense. And I think Thor 9 1:25 might be a better buy than the McGuinness 1:50. Although, anytime I get a Thor incentive I wanna see hot, white lightning on the cover–so the 1:50’s got that going for it.

Only partially related to this post, but I saw this today. Pretty cool store exclusive for Thor 9. Slabcity comics.


It’s dope looking but I am all tapped out and tired over the sheer volume of store exclusives. I think it’s going to make some collector very happy–it just ain’t gonna be me. :frowning:


I feel the same, but I’m not tired of store variants as I’ve been out of the store variant chase for a few years now…

Awesome cover, if I really want it, I’ll find a high def picture of it and print it out… :slight_smile:


Yeah, don’t buy it to get rich. We’ve clubbed that horse to a pulp. Buy it because it looks good in your collection and makes you happy to have it. I’m not buying either, but I would if it wasn’t 4X cover price. Gorgeous cover.


It’s not an infinity gauntlet on a hot character, not a Momoko Of super limited availability…So it has no spec value.

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But Cates is writing… it’s gonna be hot, cause we’ll find out in 10 issues that Black Winter was in it and when he comes back, that was him in the background behind Silver Surfer…

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Black Winter

I see him…


Another solid Thor cover. This is #10 1:25 incentive variant.