Thor God of Thunder keys?

Which is the more valuable comic, #6 (retroactive first Knull) or #2(something with a sword… I honestly don’t even know)?

Conversely, which is more valuable right now as the first Jane Foster as “Ther,” #25 or Thor 2014 #1?

Imho, neither of those GoT books have any long term value.

I’m simply going by my observations of what I see “sell” and what I tend to see on dealer walls/more sales/talk etc.
God of Thunder #2 & Thor #1.
I think Thor #1 has the most “hype” potential as depending on how Lady Thor is preseneted & delivered it could have another round of FOMO.

Having said that…of the 4 you listed, I have found far less of GoThunder #6 as I would tend to believe it would be the lowest printed of the 4 (but I certainly can’t back that up with data…just my gut feel & reduced times of seeing in searches).

God of Thunder is a really good series. Ge them all over time and read them. Most will really enjoy it. That being said I look at #6 being the bigwig of the bunch followed by #2.

When in doubt between two comics, go for the cover appearance (or better cover art if not applicable).

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That’s never a bad strategy at all. I will say this, if Gorr turns out to be the rumored villain in the next Thor movie (haven’t checked on the rumor status lately) #2 will get huge but it also looks like Marvel has big things in store with Knull, so who knows but yeah, right now I still lean toward #6.

So they’re both dealing with Knull, a la first Venom in 299 and his hand in 298? Or is GoT 2 some completely different character?

My understanding is that Gorr the God Butcher first appears in 2, and knull first appears (cameo?) in 6…although his identity wasn’t revealed that it was knull in GoT 6 until Venom #3 came out (first full knull).

I have the books, but haven’t flipped through them yet…so double check me on that before running with it.

You got it right…

#2 is first Gorr, #6 is first (cameo) of Knull. Venom #3 is considered first full of Knull.

I have no idea who Gorr is, but I’m guessing he’s connected to Knull somehow in Cates’ Venom run. Google was not my friend on this one.

Read the first two arcs of Thor: God of Thunder… it’s probably the best Marvel read in the past 20 years (in my opinion)… It made me a Thor fan when I didn’t care about him ever…


It is a very underrated comic overall. People who just enjoy a good read and could care less about who appears where should really consider reading it, single issue at a time or through a trade paperback.

Yup, if you don’t have all the single issues, trade is the way to go…

Thor God of Thunder TPB Vol. 01 God Butcher

Thor God of Thunder TPB Vol. 02 Godbomb

You could get away with just reading the first two story arcs and be good. The rest of the series is good but the first two arcs are the best from this volume.

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Definitely a great read. I read it on Comixology Unlimited & was instantly a fan of both Thor & Aaron’s. I’ll have to check my longboxes as I know I bought part of the run months ago.