Those Venom #4s

Going for 5x+ what the third print was last week. Going for 2-3x what the second print was last week. 2nd print has Knull in his Avatar form 3rd print is Knull in his Knull form lol.

Hopefully the guy that said I was pump dumping these got his copies.

First print doing well too 3-4x what it was selling for last week.

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Craziness. Absolute craziness.

Damn this bugs me out. All for Knull. I wonder if his later appearances will do the same.

Gotta get my cgc order together…waiting my Venom 12 2nds to arrive…hoping at least 1 is a 9.8 candidate.

Knull mania is getting out of control.

I meant to pick up another Venom 4 when things started climbing. Balked at $20. Now regret it. Ha

I bought a second #4 2nd print three weeks ago for $20. I was thinking of waiting until the Knull event/story-line later this year to sell, but I might have to pull the trigger now…You would think there would be a ceiling to all this but it doesn’t seem so. Funny thing, a month and a half ago it was the second print #4 that was more in demand…Now that shifted to the 3rd. Maybe I will wait a little while longer. What to do, what to do?

I’d grade everything then sell it, why get $150 for a 3rd print #4 raw when 9.8a are going $400.$500. Or $60 for 2nd print raw when 9:8s are hitting $200. Even if the market is saturated by the time your ready to sell still being profits. You could expedite grade them 3day if they start going for more and you want to sell.

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I do think the prices have a chance to slow a bit but the Knull crossover event is not that far off so if they do it will be pretty short lived. I was about to send in a batch of books to CGC, might have to add a few more venom books! I would get them back probably a little before the whole event starts.

I get that slabbing maximizes total revenue but if you look at the perspective of %, then selling raw when you bought at cover price makes a huge difference in maximum profit %.

So say you bought #4 for $4 and can sell at $60 raw or you bought at $4, got it slabbed for an even $50 (shipping to and from with insurance, etc), so total cost of the book is now $54 and it is a 9.8.

60 of 4 is 1500% margin while 200 of 54 is only 370%… so yes, you can make more money from a slabbed 9.8 but when you break down the numbers, buying super low and selling at maximum premium ain’t so bad either according to the numbers.

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Yup…and I have way more to sell than I can afford to get slabbed so I have to choose wisely.

I have such a fear of selling expensive (heck, even regular books) raw. I feel like with graded books, along with insurance & sig confirmation there is nearly zero risk. I know thousands of comic sales go off without a hitch but there are so many scammers as well.
I’m not good at dealing with those types.

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Agree 100% I dont have any slabs. Idk I like to look at them occasionally but don not own. But that Raw flip is incredible.

The only slabs I’ve got I’ve bought slabbed except a Rat Queens #1 I had slabbed cause I had a free slab coupon at Wizard World Austin a long time ago I could redeem. Just had to pay $15 for return shipping. It came back a 9.8.

The only other ones I got slabbed was Seven to Eternity #1 covers A B and C I sent to @Anthony cause Remender was signing in his town, got them signed and we sent them off to CBCS, they all came back 9.8s as well. I’m holding until Seven to Eternity takes off again… one day… very awesome underrated underappreciated story from Remender…

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It will!

My bank account doesn’t accept profit margin as a deposit, only real dollars. So sure $60 on $4 is a much better margin than $200 on $54, but it’s still $56 compared to $146. I mean I understand what you’re saying, but if what you’re trying to do is maximize your profit margins you should shop solely in the $1 bins when they’re on sale.

That said I’m not flipping comics (just collecting) so you do you.

Oh of course… I was just throwing it out there that selling raw ain’t so bad. It’s even better if you had 20 raw copies to sell…

Just all a matter of how many you got, how much they’re selling for. The game changes if you bought a book for $4 and it’s now selling for 2k if it’s a 9.8… and if it only costs you $50 to slab, then yeah…


So hopefully you all listened on this one

I can’t feel too bad about missing out. Reprints still had a taboo about them at that time. I was smart enough to hold 2 cover As that are 9.8 candidates. Can’t win them all.

Ughhh…I bought this one for $9 but was going to get another but opted for another 2nd print because I found a pretty good deal…at that point the 2nd print as the winner in the #4 reprint race. I always thought the 3rd print has the better cover.

Oh well, I have to check, but I think I have all the reprints in the set except for the 4th print of #1… The 4th and 5th print of #1 are doing very well. Could have gotten a 4th print two weeks ago for right around cover but now they are $40 or so. That one can probably be found at local shops cheap if you look for it. The 5th print probably does have a fairly low print run so I can see some heat. Surprisingly, at least when I checked last the 1:100 of #1 is pretty affordable for a 1:100 on a hot series. That may not last. Everything Cates Venom is beyond hot with some of the the hotter books literally worth their eight in gold (give or take).