Thoughts on Auctions/Raffles/Blind Bags?

Just curious as to some of your thoughts on the varied auctions/innovative ideas I’ve seen some shops start utilizing to sell books?

I’ve been very impressed with the ideas I’ve seen and commend shops for coming up with ideas to make money during these tough times, but I honestly am very surprised at the amount of people who jump at the chance to “gamble” (so to speak).

I get the allure of it all…but I see people doing raffles for things like a hundred dollar book and getting like 3x, 4x, 5x the worth when all is said and done. I’ve seen even crazier examples.

It’s especially interesting given all the talk about ruined economy, times are tough. That may be, but I’m seriously watching people dole out large amounts of cash on these type of gambling type raffles/blind bag things and I just don’t get it. I’d far rather take my cash and just buy a book. I’ve never been a gambler and maybe that is the point I’m missing I suppose.

Again, kudos to the shops that are making ends meet doing it! I don’t have issue with that. You do you and they didn’t ask to be put in this bind!

Is this something you love to take part in, or do you feel like it is a bit of a racket? I’m the type who would rather call my shop owner and say…I’ve got an extra $100…what you got… I want to support you.

I myself despise raffles. I think they’re just a gimmick to lure people in with the hope of winning. But that’s just me, some people love the idea and chance, I just can’t buy into that crud… I’d rather just support something directly instead of ending up with a bunch of stuff I either already have or don’t need.

But if you find chance auctions on eBay, those are actually against their policies because there is no way for them to verify if they’re actually delivering what they’re promising.

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Could you post any links to the money raising efforts … ?? I’m curious to see what other Shops are doing … thanks … :vulcan_salute:

I guess I should clarify my stance. I’m not opposed to such things when it’s for charity causes and people are really throwing their money into the hat to support a cause, not necessarily win something.

If it was my LCS, I’d trust them on a raffle, blind bag but I’ve got too many other expenses (both real life and comic wise) to gamble that way. I’d certainly trust them more than something like this: I’ve long been baffled by people who actually buy these.

Uncle Willie. Not sure if you are on Facebook and a little tech savvy or not but seeing tens of thousands of books move on the Comic Book Shopping Network on Facebook. People put on live sales and broadcast via Facebook live. People are buying up cheap back issues, expensive variants, and everything in between. Hit me up if you are interested.