Thoughts on the Harley Quinn #1 One per store Green?

Had been hot on the Harley’s. Bought and sold a Batman Adventure #12. Have a few left, thinking about the Yoshitaka one per store, supposedly, Variant.Harley Quinn #1 Yoshitaka Thank you one per store

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I have the pink one, and asked the store to save me a green if they got it. They did not.

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Probably a good pick up. The artist will be a big draw to that in the future.

My store had a green one but I didn’t know what it was so I left it, it was gone the next day.

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Most found it to be ugly. If you ever seen the final fantasy art books you would understand the style more. I can see it being hideous also lol

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Very ugly

I don’t know…it kind of grew on me. The one per store book is the money maker on this one, but I believe that stores had to order 250 copies of HQ in order to qualify for the pink variant. That book may have more appeal down the line to the growing fan base.


It is a strange one. Appreciate the insights. Hard for me to decide if it’s worth a gamble. Past couple of days it’s really moved higher on the auction site.