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How do people feel about Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith 1. Cates will be using this character with Knull soon. Depending on how that goes and if Cates starts using Wraith more regularly, does anyone think his first appearance has room to increase in value?

There were 37,000 copies printed. I’m seeing “Buy Nows” sitting around $100-$125 and auctions finishing between $70-$90

I’m definitely late to the party on this, I’ve been trying to snag one for $60-$70 but haven’t had any luck just yet. Anyone expecting big or small things from Wraith?

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I felt better about Wraith before reading the spoilers on here Re: Web of Venom.


I’ve been a fan of Wraith since day one to be honest. Very cool character with an interesting background. I was glad to see him being utilized.

Given that we’ve already seen the leaks for Web of Venom:Wraith…I’m just not quite sure yet if I would pay big on him right now. The problem is (based on that issue)…he’s either pretty much expendable and a done deal…or he will move onto a bigger/better role (but it may be/look different than Wraith as we know him). We just don’t really know.

I will tell you this…be very careful if you are buying this book raw. I’ve been burned more on this particular issue (Wraith #1) than any other book I’ve ever collected. I can tell you I have now bought two copies that were in beautiful condition, but had some form of printing/ink/roller flaw inside. It’s also a book that tends to show flaws pretty easily given the cover colors and I’ve bought two other copies that were advertised as “near mint” that weren’t even close.

Obviously, just some bad luck on my part…but be really careful on it. I finally stopped buying ungraded copies after wasting so much money.

You can get some very fairly priced 9.6 graded ones…the 9.8’s are def a high buy in right now.

Oh…(remember, I’m the guy that rambles). I believe issue #2 is still a bit undervalued.


Appreciate all the insight regarding this issue and condition. Sadly my local shop had a NM copy for several weeks and the day I went in to buy it. It was gone SMH. The most fomo inducing scenario

Wraith will get a new form and new “first appearance”. Possibly from God of Light. Something will go down.


Hey NorrinRadd48. Sent you a message yesterday. let me know if interested.

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