Thrawn in development at Disney+

1st appears in comics in Heir to the Empire #1 there’s a trade too so be careful. He does appear four years prior in the novels and the comic is based off those so don’t know how that will effect the comic. I dislike Star Wars comic books but actually happen to have this and Clone Wars #1 from the days I was playing that god awful EA Star Wars mobile game, find cheap sell high. The casting went out on the break downs and this book is older than the recent to pop Clone Wars. People have always dug Thrawn since his inception in the novel in comparison Ahsoka was not well received at first she was downright hated it wasn’t until the last couple years that her popularity began to flourish.

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Well, if this is an accurate rumor it will be a good thing for Star Wars. Thrawn is an awesome character and makes for a really good antagonist. I doubt any comic book speculation will differ because of his appearances in novels. High grade (9.0 and higher) Un-graded first appearances in Heir to the Empire #1 have been selling anywhere from $25 to $50. There is also a newsstand version as well. Both will probably spike now and if/when his casting becomes official this comic has a chance at being a legit key.

Doesn’t seem to be much out there online so don’t let FOMO bite ya too hard…Now, I need to look through my star wars or Dark Horse boxes. Pretty sure I bought this when it first came out. Looks like Star Wars comics are finally starting to get some big time respect from comic collectors in general.

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Was actually writing this and several other Star Wars bits up for a weekend spec. Lol.

Love the source they quoted. He is a very reputable leaker that I have used for sources on this very site that people have demanded to know my source.

Thats the guy ??? I was going to suggest he was another source you might have used from a few weeks ago. Been following him for awhile on Twitter.

One of them.

I have several sources that I use but he is very reliable and following him on Twitter was a good move. Still won’t divulge some of the other ones but thought it was funny you posted an article quoting him when last time you gave me crap it was from him as a source.

Im pretty sure you follow the same sources I do. Sorry about giving you crap.

No worries. I am sure we do.

I have a unique hookup on some stuff if he’s/she’s working the film he/she usually gets a brief vague description of each scene so he/she can do his/her work that’s really all I can say about him/her.


Ugh…I know there was a copy at my honey hole a few months ago…been meaning to get back there and possible find it again along with some other hot star wars issues…The ship is on very limited days/hours and it’s an hour away…so I just haven’t found the time. Better get there when they open this coming week!

I did sell my copy on eBay a few months back at $40…so I’ve already made money on this book anyway…

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I also use to have access to all the casting Hollywood roles and jobs through an acting teacher/agent friend that passed away. She played Lily the Lilac on Batman In 1967.

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The Thrawn Action Figure Variant Variant (John Tyler Christopher) also sells very well & I still see them from time to time.

Thrawn is hugely popular & Heir to the Empire holds a near cult like status among many SW fans. Good stuff!

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Forgot to mention, Mara Jade is also a pretty popular character among non-canon fans. Certainly less likely to see her but you never know & her first is also in Heir #1.
I still see gals cosplaying as her at cons frequently.


It would make sense to use her as the good guy in the story since I doubt they use a cgi deaged Luke. They could kill her off no problem to the storyline.

I give him plenty of crap on a daily basis… been trying to get fired. Need these chains released from my ankles but he just won’t budge… :stuck_out_tongue:


This just happened

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