Throwback Thursday - Rocket Raccoon

This week’s throwback goes back to 1982 when the lovable racoon (inspired by a Beatles song) made his debut in Incredible Hulk, dropping the name Rocky, becoming Rocket Raccoon who we all adore now in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Of course we all know Rocket made his first appearance in Marvel Preview #7 back in 1976.

He didn’t make his next appearance until he shows up in Incredible Hulk #271 8 years later.

I feel is a much better introduction for Rocket. Some claim it’s the first actual comic appearance since Marvel Preview was more of a magazine size preview book.

So yes, he first appeared in Marvel Preview, some still chase his appearance in Incredible Hulk #271 for the very reasons I stated above.

Did you know that Rocket only appeared in a total of 10 total comics in his first 30 years after his first appearance?

Can’t blame them, who would have thought an intelligent wise crack talking raccoon would end up being so popular and a huge hit in blockbuster movies.

Both Marvel Preview and Incredible Hulk are definite key books though any hardcore Marvel fan should own in their collection.

Before Rocket became a Guardian of the Galaxy and soon after his debut in Hulk, he went on to have his own 4 issue limited series in 1985.

Making another appearance in Quasar #15 and then a handful of issues in Sensational She-Hulk in 1992.

Continue the discussion or debate why Hulk #271 should be more worthy than Marvel Preview #7:slight_smile:

I didn’t like Rocket when he appeared in Hulk. I didn’t like him when he had his own series so I left them on the rack. I read those issues a few years back and still didn’t enjoy them.

The current and movie versions I enjoy. I’m a little worried if they bring his girlfriend from Hulk into the movies that they may revert the changes back to something I don’t care for.