Thundercats movie

Finally, a non-Michael Bay 80s live action remake…

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My LCS had three copies for the longest time. 2 Newsstands and 1 direct. $20. I grabbed the better of the two newsstands (which is at CBCS now) about the same time you did…knowing it would likely pop in the next few years. It was inevitable if you saw the trends. The other two I went back for a few months ago and only a VF direct copy remained. 80s nostalgia was picking back up and it was already selling for over $20 in that condition. So figured at the very least it was a nice reader copy to compliment the one to be in a slab.


Oh…oh no…another first appearance in a non story…

Also 1st Flag Smasher!



I remember seeing an anime style thunder cats on adult swim years ago. It wasn’t bad.