Tiger Division limited series

Well, this SDCC is from a few days ago but I just saw it. Tiger Division will be getting a five comic limited series in November. Here’s the announcement:

Black Cat Annual 1 has sold about 100 copies since the announcement. Taskmaster 3 has sold maybe 30 copies.

I’ve been really liking the 1:25 Taskmaster 3 Davis variant. Great cover and with a 15,000 print run, there are only maybe 100 copies of the 1:25. CGC census shows 73 graded copies (41 9.8’s).



where did you get 15k print run?

also thread about announcement here

Taskmaster 3 has a print run of 15,000, as per comicron

Black Cat Annual 1 is 32,500, as per comicron

Taskmaster 3 has a 2nd print. Black Cat Annual 1 has a Wal-Mart variant

comichron has no print run for taskmaster 3 since diamond wasn’t giving number during covid.

black cat annual 1 also has a 2nd print

also comichron gives order numbers, not print runs, is does not account for unsold, over print, or comps


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that being said, based off title, issue number, no store variants. i would give a PERSONAL GUESS, that print run is around 25-30k. but most smaller lcs would not have ordered 25 copies of a title like this so knowing print run/order number doesnt really help in guessing amount of ratios

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If anyone is going all in on the Tiger Division thing, you can also still buy the store exclusive #3 variant (came out the same day as the #3 regular 2nd print book) but it has a different cover featuring Taegukgi.

I believe it’s still for sale at both Wonderworld and Ssalefish if anyone has to have them all.


So what is the first appearance then? Taskmaster or Black Cat Annual. I have a few of each in a box somewhere!

taskmaster is his 1st app, but black cat annual is the 1st app of most of his fellow tiger division members

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Aha. I thought that was the case, but I’ve seen a few people suggesting Tiger Division made a first in Taskmaster #3. In fact, that is what Marvel Fandom says Tiger Division (Earth-616) | Marvel Database | Fandom

the name yes, members no

Thanks for the confirmation. I had always thought the phrase ‘Introducing…Tiger Division’ was a pretty clear sign on Black Cat #1. CGC do not seem to recognise it on either of the slabs we discussed.

Remember, they are not the authority on firsts, etc. It’s just a label with a description, nothing more or less.

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I’m excited for the day CGC and CBCS disagree on something big about a first appearance and it leads to a whole bunch of hubbub!

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So who is the authority then? Marvel itself? PGX : )? The market? Random You Tube guy. Creator via social media post?

There is no authority. Use your best judgement. If a character shows up in a book, it’s an appearance. Then you can go on and describe the type of appearance as a cameo, first full, first cover, etc. But it’s still an appearance.

Honestly I’d say the creators (writer and artist) have first crack at being the actual authorities on first appearances if they’re the ones who created such character.

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Also, CGC can’t even properly grade books and slab them without quality control issues, why would we make them any type of authority on the inside contents of a story, etc? They’re the least qualified I think.


I agree. Just being a little provocative. I have heard all of those sources being claimed as proof - probably by those holding copies of the books concerned. Although, I think that once CGC does make up its mind by placing a note on a slab, it does somehow become definitive for many people.

That’s why we need to educate people… :wink:

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