TIMING *Batman 89* list now or hold it?


I’m hoping to get some good advice. I’ve got the Batman 89 variant and I’m in a situation where I could really use a few extra bucks. Do you guys &or gals believe that NOW is the time for trying to list the 89 variant or do you think this will be worth holding for awhile? Or has that time past already even though its only been a few days?.. Also I’m curious how should I try selling it? Auction or Pay me now sucka!? Lol… Thanks for the time and any helpful advice given. -RdM


Prices seems to have peaked and are coming down…some sporadic sales above $40.

I’d sell now. I have a copy up myself, actually, but I have two copies of Cover A too that I’m holding…don’t care for cover B.

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Sell it as quickly as possible. Prices are already going down. I mean if you have multiples keep one but I’d of already sold them.

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I would also say Sell, particularly if you need cash now. If you really want it for the personal collection, you can always buy one later when you aren’t strapped for any cash. :slight_smile:

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I just cannot see her becoming a long term character; I’m inclined to join the chorus and say “sell.” Then again, NYX 3 was hot out of the gate, I thought for sure it’d be a dollar bin book, and it just never went down, so who knows.

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Sell. Undercut just a little to sell quickly. Playing the odds I would guess this character will stick around but unless DC announces something huge for her the prices will slowly go down. If she is basically just a sidekick for a while these books could be $12 to $15 this time next year…possibly even sooner.


So I ended up doing a 3 day auction and it sold for 30$… So theres that. Same dude that won actually bought 2 other covers I had up right after so I ended up making $100 :wink:… I owe all 3 or 4 of you guys a beer on me! Lol thanks for the quick replies & advice.

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The 6 of you actually, not 3 or 4 lol


I sold my B cover for $30 plus shipping the other day. Holding two copies of A for long term.

Also have 1 copy A&B of HA3 for the long term. Sold my NM- copy for $30 The other day.

Still need to dump extra copies of 90. Should be showing up today…

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Is be in the same situation if my regular shop hadn’t closed down and im forced to deal with these Magic playing ducks. (No offense to magic or magik players but my “new” shop sucks)


I flipped the only set of BM89A and HA3A that I had, for $100 CND profit. Picked up my reserved copies last Saturday, listed them on Sunday, sold on Tuesday. I kept 1 copy of BM89A for my run on that title.


Kind of flows like a Solomon Grundy rhyme…

Arrived on a Saturday,
Bought on a Sunday,
Sold on a Tuesday,
Shipped on a Wednesday…


Clever lol ill have to remember that

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