Tin Foil Hat - Venom #1

Hey Guys,
So I’ve been thinking about that “secret” Donny Cates had claimed was in Venom #1 (https://www.cbr.com/venom-1-donny-cates-secret-thing/).

I’m wondering if Cates and Stegman had always planned for Eddie Brock to become Knull.
I know… I know…

But here is why I wonder:

  1. Venom #1, Page 5, Panel 2 (with Eddie looking at himself in the mirror the bubble says, “It’s like it’s losing its mind.” In the panel, Eddie’s reflection looks menacing. To me, I think his reflection kinda looks like Knull.
  2. Absolute Carnage #1 (Second Chapter is called “The God Son”). I think this is a reference to Dylan. Dylan could be considered a son of God “Knull.” He is also Eddie’s son. It would be interesting if the reference re-enforced the notion that Eddie == God.
  3. Time Travel. We already have seen time travel in Silver Surfer Black. It could be argued that Eddie eventually becomes Knull and somehow is cast back into the beginning of time where he awakens without memory (as seen in Venom #4).

In any case, Cates has said that the secret will never be revealed. But it would be interesting if Cates and Stegman had always planned for Eddie to become Knull and have been planting the seeds–while still allowing for that story to be told in the distant future.

I know, it’s a stretch. But I thought it would be a fun theory–especially since it means Eddie essentially went from villian to hero to villian again.

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I recall this when they were throwing around this “Secret Thing” in Venom #1… but honestly, how does that work? He and Ryan Stegman are the only ones who will ever know about it and no one else will ever know or find out the secret.

Think about that for a second? Okay, so if it’s impossible to find the secret and or to know about it, if they swear to never tell anyone, then why even mention it? Even if you do happen to guess the secret, seems like they will never tell you.

Might be fun to mention for them but sort of pointless at the same time, wasting people’s time since we’ll never know and that falls back on, is there even a secret to begin with?

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Makes me wonder if the talking point was just Cates hyping his book for release. SURELY that would never happen!!! ;p

And to tack on, I am hoping that someone will figure it out and Cates/Stegman will corroborate. Else, yeah, why even bother saying anything that no one will ever figure out.

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Cates stated there was secret then said it will never be revealed? How did I miss that? Anyway, I like a lot of what he writes but I hope his ego isn’t getting too big for his britches.

Interesting theory. But in my book, Eddie will only be Venom…

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If a tree falls in a forest and nothing around to hear it, does it make a sound?

How are we positive the tree even fell in the first place? Maybe it was always on the ground… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve chatted with Cates many times myself. Honestly, I think what people see online and such is just him marketing his stuff and it might be taken out of context from time to time. The times I’ve talked to him, he seems genuinely nice and appreciative of the fans, but…

Now, there was a regular Wednesday shopper at Dragon’s Lair who really disliked Cates and it went back to when Donny was working at Dragon’s Lair or another local shop, can’t recall which he mentioned (yes, Donny Cates briefly worked at Dragon’s Lair Austin and I believe another shop before he started writing comics). I never could get him to tell me the whole story of what happened between the two of them, but he was hardcore and wouldn’t touch any of the books Cates wrote. Maybe if I catch Donny in person again one day again, I’ll see if he can’t recall. Not even sure how to bring something like that up though. There’s always two sides to the story… :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I agree. Every time I’ve met Cates he struck me as a genuine guy. I have no idea what transpired between he and that Wednesday warrior from Dragon’s Lair, but what I do know is whatever it is it doesn’t bother me. After all, I hadn’t enjoyed Venom in years until Cates got the title. And nearly everything he’s written has been entertaining/enjoyable to me, on some level.

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How do you even know there’s a tree to begin with?

Oh man, we’re going into that inception route but in reverse… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh good. Glad to hear he comes across as a good guy.