TMNT 105 First Last Ronin?

Sorry guys if this has already been posted. My first post was to expose a pump and dump. My second post is a potential fiery book down the line. Now this isn’t my own spec so I am just going to put this out there I saw it on Facebook and it made me say Hmmm.

I can’t post a picture because I don’t know how to make them smaller. But TMNT 105 seems like it has a first appearance of a future turtle. He wears a face mask and has a hooded cloak.

I called my neighborhood comic shop to put a couple in my subscription folder if I ever dare brave going out to the stores again. If not may have to get a friend to pick them up for me.

Is this what you were referring to?

I just saw the image on TCM insiders.

Looks like Midtown has them as well but who knows if they will ever ship them as it has now been nearly 30 days and my 6/17 order hasn’t come and my 7/1 order hasn’t even been pulled yet.

thats lita, she makes her 1st app in tmnt 101, she’s on cover of the 1:10 but as a child

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Cool. Thanks for the heads up on that Migz

I am sorry friends but I am not very good at the speculation thing yet. I do not even sell comics but thought this might be interesting. Multiplemigz, would a first appearance as an adult still be of interest? Should I call my store and say, “never mind”?

#101A or RI is the book to get imo. Bunch of first apps with the important Mona Lisa app. The Incentive cover was cheap as well as the rest of the covers, but things are changing ever since a youtube video was made. You can probably still find copies in the wild cuz it’s kinda on the down low still.

Also, when it comes to The Last Ronin, it could easily be any of the turtles. They just have to pick up a black mask and there you go. Raph has been wearing a black mask for a while now which is why I bought the 105 RI cover, it cost me less than ratio.

105 has Alopex becoming the 6th member of the “turtles” which they now call themselves the Splinter Clan. I think it’s a decent book to have. I grabbed a couple copies.

But as stated above, if you expect things out of Lita, 101 1:10 is the book to have. A few first apps, including Lita and Mona Lisa, and all on the cover.