TMNT 110 Previews Last Ronin

I agree the new look is better once I seen the face close up. And the surveillance camera.

I like the new art as it’s more detailed but I like the darker shades and tones the old art had going for it…

Damn I really like that old art, gives it a very gritty feel which matches the tone of the comic. Also if anyone doesn’t like the old art don’t read The Department of Truth, cause you can’t see anything that’s going on in that comic lmao

Yes, it’s that Templesmith style of art, same type we saw in The Bunker. I don’t mind it but I know it’s not the type of art that attracts a lot of readers.

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I was actually somewhat indifferent to pulling Department of Truth until I saw the art! Then again, I really like the art in Decorum, SS: Black, Tartarus, and Invisible Kingdom…

wait are the preview pages in 110 the same pages in the ashcan just drawn by some one different?

Looks like the preview in 110 has an extra page - one more page than the ashcan.

It shows us who the last turtle has been talking to, amongst other things.

MCS has the 1:10 for $16. Meh…

Not anymore.

18 left of Cover A and cover B at poorboycomics.

Snagged a few more copies.

I see they raised the price of the 1:10 since last night by $10.

$45 with free shipping is the cheapest copy on eBay at the moment.

For that price you can buy the ashcan.

Man looks like I lucked out on this one as I pre-ordered a copy of the 1:10 for cover price at TFAW, pre-FOC.

Hope it shows up and in good shape too!

But the ashcan doesn’t have the extra page that reveals that his brothers are still with him in spirit and in conversation :rofl: :man_shrugging:

Dang! That’s what I get for being cheap…

I sold one I picked up for $12 for $35 plus shipping minutes later. I have a couple more on the way.

I was able to find two 1:10 for $7.99 each. The first store I went to was sold out of all the 110 issues. The next store I went too didn’t carry the TMNT comics anymore. Then I got lucky when I was able to get to the third store. I had special ordered them, but they never pulled them. I was lucky that I was off from work today.