TMNT 110 Previews Last Ronin

This is an early warning. TMNT 110 has a preview of The Last Ronin in it. Copies are being snagged up pretty quickly. You may want to add a copy to your orders. Two covers plus the retailer incentive are available.

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Only place I found the RI 1:10 was eBay…Simpleman Comics…$20 plus I got some other variant I’ll likely move for cheap.

Still searching though. I think the 1:10 is the only book worth chasing if it’s a “preview”.

Does a preview even matter if the ashcan is already out? The preview wouldn’t technically be first appearance since the ashcan?


ashcan is the smart play

No, it doesn’t matter. What matters is if you flip books, you buy to sell what others are buying… :wink:

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I just grabbed a copy on the off chance.

Poor boy has 3 copies left at $25 plus shipping if anyone else is interested.

Poor boy also has the last Ronin cover A 1st print in stock too, for now.

$25 for TMNT #110? or the ashcans?

I would say yes since very few people got the ashcan. But I guess we will find out in a few days.

$25 for the 1:10. Hard pass lol

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I just bought 5 copies of cover A and B…its also 1st app of the road hogs…I like the sound of them.

I thought Bebop and Rocksteady were like “roadhogs”…shows what I know about turtles.

Pfftt… go sit in the corner now until further notice for not knowing your TMNT…

I am. It’s called my work office.

Yeah but you’re not allowed to work. You have to “think” about TMNT…

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Is it me, or did MCS open this up early this week…usually you can’t order Wednesday’s comics until 6pm or later Tuesday night…

It looks like just that book. Most of the rest aren’t available.

I beleive the Ashcan is with the previous artist that was let go and this preview is with the current artist so 2 separate artists. Idk if that means much.

Heres a sample of the new art vs old art

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Both have their charms. I kinda like the new look more, however.