Tmnt #113+

113 is starting to pop. Apparently people think Lita as an adult with 2 additional first appearances matters.

Personally, I don’t think firsts when the character is a small kid matter as much as a first when they’re an adult and in uniform.

I think 113 will be the book.

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The interesting part about this book that got me is Sophie Campbell is writing the story AND doing the art AND Cover A is her art. A rare triple threat talent.

That right there gave me reason to buy a couple just to show support for someone doing it all.

And the bonus the 2 villains that were in the movie and video game but never in comics might get TMNT fans interested.

But only time will tell how the market reacts. We shall see what books they choose eventually.

If anyone missed this article:

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I don’t think 113 is the book, but time will tell. I loaded 101 and 105 and I’ll stick with those.


Here is #114B as expected. The store I preordered a bunch of #113B from sent me all A covers :frowning:


Just curious why you picked the B cover as your ‘go to’ play cause it’s Eastman cover?

That 114B Eastman cover pretty nice.

Yeah I like that Eastman. I ordered 2 blind. Might grab another.


I just like the Eastman covers more. TMNT II is my favorite TMNT movie and Tokka and Rahzar are my favorite characters. I just wanted to get a bunch of them for no other reason than greed. I don’t plan on selling them.


I like the Eastmans same way I like Mcfarlane covers… its their creation drawn in their style.


Just so people are clear…111 nor 113 are Tokka and Rahzar’s first app. It’s just their first “in continuity” appearance.

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Are you referencing the movie comic as their first appearance? I beleive that is known already. The focus is the appearance within the actual comic books and not movie adaptation.

The movie adaptation is a comic book and will always be their first app.

Same with Star Wars…Luke, Vader, Boba, Yoda, Lando, etc…they are all movie adaptations.

As long as it’s a comic that doesn’t change the fact it’s their first app.

111/113 will just be their first “In continuity” appearance.

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Same I said just left out continuity as reference to the ongoing comic. But those movie first comics are cool but I dont see much about them on the secondary.

Anybody know if Mikey ever wore a red bandana in IDW continuity? It looks red to me.

It’s orange, just crappy dark coloring.

Which one is the orange one?

Second one.

Yeah you can tell bec Raph always looks more intense.

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Here are some of those characters in the future where adult Lita came from.

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