Tmnt #113+

1st cover with adult Lita and possible 1st full app (cameo was #105)
1st cover with the adult Weasels and possible 1st apps
Possible 1st full apps of Tokka and Rahzar in continuity (cameo was #111)
The man on the cover might just be Casey Jones or adult Tommy

Tokka and Rahzar are currently initiates and adult Lita is returning from the future on an “unusual quest”. Tokka and Rahzar are on the cover of #114. My guess is that maybe they are the reason for adult Lita traveling to the past. This is a new arc and Bebop and Rocksteady are returning. It’s interesting to see some mutanimals haven’t changed back to human in the future according to the #113 cover.

There is no heat on #111. I just wanted to make a thread and see if anybody has anything to add or subtract. :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t 101 see some heat now? I know the 1:10 was hot for a bit.

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I guess that depends on if we see some of the other mutanimals show up from the future. We only have a cover to go off of right now.

Mona lisa and lita 1sts are in 101 and the 1:10 has them on the cover. I don’t think an adult version will have much significance.

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I tend to agree with DanielP. #101 is the one that will matter, but thanks for posting the question.

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So Vanilla Ice isn’t part of TMNT continuity?


He better be…


Is the squid guy of any significance? I thought he was cool

He did nothing but get his octobutt kicked so far.

#113b cover updated :slight_smile: so nice


Oh sweet. The first panel is a homage to the first panel in TMNT(1984) #8.


Wow awesome catch! Did you read about this somewhere or was this just your superfan status at work?

I read the first 10 issues last month and just remembered. With that said, the IDW continuity is much better in my opinion.

I think modern storytelling in general is better in most cases, so I’m sure you’re right. I haven’t kept up with the IDW series though. It’s on my list.

If anyone needed copies some available at Midtown

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 113 Cover A $3.99 Limit 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 113 Cover B $3.99 Limit 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 113 Cover C $15 Limit 1

For you turtle experts do you think this book will have legs?
Just curious for those who are TMNT fans with Tokka Rahzar in this book

Not sure about #113 but I think the storyline increases the value for #105. First appearance of adult Lita from the future.

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I like 113. It’s a double key. First adult Lita cover and the two first full appearances.

Probably fairly low print too.


#105 is what you want.


#111 had no heat and #113 can still be had for cover from multiple places. The same thing happened with #101 and #105. I preordered 8 of cover B and 1 of cover A. If Tokka and Rahzar stick around, then people will want #111 and #113. I doubt it gets expensive.


101 is 1st Lita and she’s on the cover of the 1:10. Young or old isn’t really relevant - she isn’t an infant in 101. As for the other two characters, if you think they’ll become important or fan favorites down the line, no better time to buy than on NCBD for cover!