TMNT IDW ongoing speculation

I thought I’d start a thread on this just in case any more quick flips or future heat comes up and it’s always good for future comic speculators to look back and see we’re a flushed out forum where everyone works together :sunglasses:

Does anyone have any books they consider keys with future potential?

Or any older releases that we should keep a look out for?

Also drop below how many of each issue you’re looking to buy each time I’m interested to see how heavy people are going on certain issues,

I managed to pick up two #113 for cheap before the prices went up


I just bought two #113 for cover price today. LCS still has a number at cover price.

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Already sold my 113 1:10.

In the UK we’re still in lockdown so I’m hoping some LCS still have some in stock when we open back up so I can get some more

#114 seems to be selling well with retailers I wonder if we’ll see another secondary market price hike after release

I bought 12 copies of #113 1:10 variant. I will buy more.
Hope it does well in the long run.

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Even though it is a ‘ugly’ cover to me I got a copy.

I remember not buying the 101 RI because I said ‘what the heck is an albino baby turtle specworthy?’… ughhh :rofl: boy was I wrong.


I bought all the covers for 101 for the first Mona Lisa on release for cheap. TMNT heat is slow. I like the #114B eastman.


I agree. This could be a pivotal book down the road. I grabbed 3 of each cover. Lots of talk about this book. That Cover A is :fire:. My shop as of this weekend still had some oddly enough. Peeps are not paying attention. Just my thought.


Nice with those pickups! :+1:

“It’s the biggest battle of the year as Bebop and Rocksteady take on Tokka and Rahzar! Meanwhile, Jennika needs to finish forming her band if the future is to be saved. Who she picks as lead singer will surprise you!”

My bets are on Sheena playing a part in this I think she made her first appearance in #104
But I’d like to know what everyone else makes of this?

New characters ?


Tmnt clone saga?


Multiverse? Mirror Universe?