TMNT Last Ronin movie

movie announcement , live action


It’s funny - just as a casual check I looked at Key collector for this issue.
It has literally… yes literally… 100 variants.
Even with what Dynamite does and what Marvel often does with the qty ratio variants and store variants, I wonder is 100 variants a guiness world record? Sheesh… madon a mia!

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Yep, lots of sales for the last Ronin on secondary market with the news. Now would be a good time to unload them.


Would like to see books other than issue 1 go up in price. I picked up all the 1:10 variants for less than cover from TFAW but had the A cover on my LCS pull list…It would be nice to move them along and just keep the set of 1:10s.

Would also be cool if the later printings of issue 1 went up as I know shops that have them lingering around.

I don’t know how much the later printings will go up in value. I have a 2nd print of issue 1 and I remember them being plentiful. As I remembered it IDW put out a press release that the first printing of issue 1 was being “allocated” and prices heated up in the aftermarket before it even came out. There was a mad dash for it on release day and a lot of people were turned away at my LCS. Then my shop ordered a ton of 2nd prints.

I remember a few weeks later I was at the shop and a customer came looking for the first print. The shop owner pulled one out from beneath the counter and sold it to him for $75. Said it was in someone’s pull box but the person never came to pick it up, told the customer how lucky he was :thinking:

That was my early days of joining CHU and even then I felt that was sus.