Tmnt limited edition crates - series ii

TMNT Limited Edition Crates, Series II is now available! – Loot Crate

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I’m a fan of TMNT stuff but out of personal reasons to buy would there be any resale value to this?

Hell yeah. The last few exclusive items sell for $200-$300 for them since it’s only available thru the loot crate. The Bunny Bebop and Rock Steady goin for $250-300. Imma buy 2 and flip one.

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Thanks Spidey I didn’t even know about this!
Do loot crate boxes usually sell well on the secondary?

I’m definitely going to sell one and keep one!

To save anyone else the click the release dates are as follows
Crate 1 August
Crate 2 September
Crate 3 October
Crate 4 November

You also get a bonus figure with a four crate plan!

Yeah I showed you i think in one of the pics has a complete crate opened up I believe. Me personally being an action figure collector there are quite a few flippable items that come out.

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I know crate #2 looks like Mako the shark but what are the names of the other guys? Does anybody have any guesses?

Not a clue. Go to Fwoosh on IG I think someone says who in the comments.

Crate #1 is Danny from the first movie. Crate #3 is one of the Shredders from TMNT #21 Mirage.

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I haven’t done Loot Crate in a hot minute due to them throwing useless junk.

Yeah, I stopped as well long ago when the kids weren’t even that excited anymore…

The last one I did was the recalled Thanos oven mitten. I never used it and still have it on one of the shelves lol.

I wanted that mitten because it looked cool. I wouldn’t actually use it.

ehhh LootCrate always ships SUPER LATE… I jumped off that ship!!

If you sign up and order something use this link so I get some points…