Tom King writing New Gods screenplay!

New Gods #1 Mister Miracle #1 will grow big,

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I think Tom King Mister Miracle #1 will see some heat as well as Barda.

I think you mean MISTER MIRACLE? :thinking:

Yep thanks.

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Good to hear. Loaded up on bronze Mister Miracle and New Gods a few years ago when mid grades to very fine copies were still super cheap.

If all this is true and DC gets going with Mister Miracle/New Gods look for Darkseid to become a “thing” again. Can’t have any of that without Drakseid! Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 would see a boost as well. Mister Miracle #4 first Big Barda is already pricey but surprisingly Mister Miracle #6 is still pretty cheap in most grades (first Female Furies). With where many films companies are going with diversity and all I can not see Big Barda and the Female Furies being left out!

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Yes that Jimmy Olsen #134 has fallen off lately it’s a good time to buy compared to a year ago. I don’t even understand the DC movies anymore after a Batman change no Superman and the contracts for Ray and Ezra playing Cyborg and Flash run out today and there’s no news of them being renewed today. So are they just rolling with Wonder Woman and Aquaman now, who would of thought never in a million years those two would be carrying the torch. Will new Batman start a different DC movie universe? Lord knows they sure did make it a shit show.

yeah, DC’s movie offerings collectively have not been up to what Marvel has put out at all, but they could turn it all around and looks like they have with Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam. A good start anyway.

Having a good writer on some heavy hitters is a good start as well. We will see but right now Marvel books are still the better overall investment when coming to movie/comic related speculating. People will still flock to any news coming out of the DC camp so still plenty of money to be made with the right choices. I still hope they have the Rock play Black Adam at some point. Need to do that soon because he isn’t getting younger and he may very well jump ship to Marvel…if he hasn’t already.

Dwayne Johnson is only 47 years old… he’s just getting started. Look at Sly and Arnold, they’re like 85 years old and still going at it… The Rock is in his Hollywood Prime if you ask me… :wink:

I would have to say the Rock is still in his prime as well, but if Black Adam is going to be a character that spans multiple movies over a 5 to 10 year period DC needs to get on it. Stallone and Schwarzenegger are still going strong but are looking old…because they are. I really don’t want a sixty year old Black Adam. Maybe they could pull it off, but I just think it would be better if they start with the character now instead of a half decade from now.

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