Top 30 Marvel SDCC Related Books

  1. The Tomb Of Dracula #10 1st Blade.
  2. Special Marvel Edition #15 1st Shang Chi.
  3. Tales Of Suspense #52 1st Black Widow.
  4. Tales Of Suspense #50 1st Mandarin.
  5. Young Avengers #1 1st Kate Bishop.
  6. What If ? #10 1st Jane as Thor.
  7. Eternals #5. 1st Makkari, Athena, Etc…
  8. Eternals #1 1st Eternals
  9. Eternals #2 1st Celestials.
  10. Eternals #3 1st Sersi.
  11. Avengers #196 1st Full Taskmaster.
  12. Thor vol4 #1 1st in series Jane Thor.
  13. Avengers #43 1st Red Gaurdian.
  14. Inhumans #5 1st Yelena Belova.
  15. Captain America #25 1st Falcon as Cap.
  16. Fantastic Four #1 1st F4
  17. Fantastic Four #5 1st Dr Doom
  18. Xmen #1 1st Xmen.
  19. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 1st Monica Rambeau.
  20. Xmen #4 1st Scarlet and Quicksilver.
  21. Avengers #57 1st Vision.
  22. Journey Into Mystery #85 1st Loki.
  23. Captain America #117 1st Falcon.
  24. Journey Into Mystery #84 1st Jane Foster
  25. Captain America #34 1st Bucky as Cap.
  26. Captain America #6 2005 1st Full Winter Soldier.
  27. Hawkeye Vs Deadpool #0 1st cameo of costumes for Jane, Gwen.
  28. Thor God Of Thunder #25 another cameo Jane Thor.
  29. The Tomb Of Dracula #1 1st Dracula.
  30. Giant Size Chillers #1 1st Lilith.
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I would say strange tales 89 too - My bet is Mandarin is going to use the ten rings to summon the awesome might of Fin Fang Foom.

No Hawkeye love on there? No ToS 57 Boooo… :unamused: LOL

Deadpool Hawkeye 0 is a nothing book. Niche market. No true significance, imo.

I kept Hawkeye and man Thor off the list because in their respective show and movie they aren’t going to be the main character they are going to be in a teacher role to Jane Thor and Kate Bishop. Had it been a solo Hawkeye show or another solo Thor they would be on the lists. After both characters have been in a half dozen movies the needle doesn’t get moved much more than it already has upon more appearances.

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It is a nothing book but right now it’s selling and there is a New Mexico Comic Con Variant for it that gets a premium. The interesting thing to me about the book is the lengths people have gone to discredit it as to not mess with their EOSV #2 prices. So I guess we call it trick or treaters now but let me be clear it is the first published pictures of Spider Gwen it doesn’t matter who’s under the mask. If you dress up as Spider-Man for Halloween well guess what your acting as Spiderman for that time being. But now we are forced to believe these trick or treaters somehow got these costumes before the characters they were dressing as were even a part of the Marvel Universe.

Or… the heroes thought the trick or treat costumes were cool enough to duplicate. :smiley:

If they’re not identified as such and anyone could have been under the masks then you could have all kinds of firsts all over the place. As I keep getting told, the market decides and the market went with Thor #1 it appears.

I do have a nice stack of Hawkeye vs Deadpool trades that have #0 reprinted if we can get the market chasing this one. That’s what I scanned from.

For that matter I showed clear visual evidence in multiple comics of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel during House of M timeframe all the way thru to the mainline Marvel Universe the day after House of M ended and people still keep throwing love at the other books published years later.

Anyways, thanks. Great post. I’ve been FOMOing all morning over it. LOL

Nah… Ive got 8 out of the 30 already, soooo… thats not bad, right?

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I have an alternative theory I’ve been working on.

Spider-Gwen is from an alternate dimension.

Both are heroes.

Neither took any action to do anything heroic or stop the mixer taking place right in front of them where innocents were in danger. That doesn’t scream hero to me.

We know from other books that people can get vibes, thoughts, dreams and such or just outright view other dimensions at times.

The logical choice was two kids inspired into making those choices of costume for reasons they can’t explain or weren’t aware of. Innocent kids manipulated from beyond!!!

There we go, discrepancy in the MCU explained. Please forward my Marvel No-Prize to a future CHU auction or give-away. :smiley:

The argument is that it can not be Gwenpool, as we know her, because she is not a part of the 616 when that book was published.

Yes, if there’s doubt about one there’s doubt about both. I think you meant Spider-Gwen when you were typing. Gwenpools the one in the pink Deadpool suit with no legs that knows she’s from another multiverse.


It’s a great list. Thank you :slight_smile:
I read lots of articles about SDCC on Comic Years.

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Very nice.

Welcome to the forums as well!