Top Gun: Maverick

Wifey and I just got back from this flick and we both loved it. Plenty of call backs to the original but they don’t feel forced or out of place. Also, the main plot feels like Star Wars: A New Hope (@drunkwooky will appreciate) but the way they go about telling it feels realistic and believable. It was overall a great experience at the theater (aside from prices…) and a movie I would love to own.

Perhaps I am biased because I watched this movie on repeat as a kid into my teenage years. I used to “fly” around the house with a 14" F-14 Tomcat and pretended I was a pilot, and it was actually something I wanted to do until I found out that since I am far from 20/20 vision I cannot be a Naval Aviator. Oh, and I sucked in school, too. Probably some form of undiagnosed ADD or something… but I digress.

Go see the movie, you’ll like it.


death star called
they want their plans back

I can’t wait, loved the first top gun and am looking forward to this one!

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I actually blogged about how the movie looks great, but I hate flying…

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I hate flying but usually do it 3-4 times a year

Jumping out of planes is even more fun!