Top Trending books this week

These come from and show the top 10 trending books for each Age for last week. These are in no particular order just the top trending books in the Age for the week. Not to be confused with the top moving books for the month but both lists will share many of the same books but weekly trends don’t include any Golden Age. Green arrow up means price increase in the last month red arrow down means price decrease in the last month. has many tools available for free and a good source to add to your arsenal. Please click on the pictures to see the full top 10 for each Age.

Silver Age

Bronze Age

Copper and Modern Ages

Modern Variants

Fantastic Four is definitely back with 5/10 top 10 Silver. 33 Marvel books, 6 DC books, 1 Image book.

Ugh…not what I want to hear right now…been waiting for an opportunity to pick up a decent graded copy of FF49…I feel like the window is closing…

It’d be really cool if that’s all my fault when I was praising FF49 a few months back in my Throwback Thursday.

But as I’d love to take credit for the recent uptick value on this book, I’m pretty sure it’s because Silver Surfer hitting shelves with a new series is the likely cause.

One can dream though right?

That and rumors surrounding the next wave of MCU films possible introducing the surfer or FF/galactus.

Book is undervalued given its significance in Marvel lore. That and the cover is one of my all time favorites.

Paul Rudd is getting a award here in Maui on Wednesday going to track him down for a signature on my recently acquired Tales to Astonish #44 just going to have him sign the CGC case not going to crack it.

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