Topps X Mego DC Figures?

Did you guys know that Topps (the trading card company) have teamed up with Mego (the very campy, cult-followed action figure brand from the 70s) to distribute exclusive figures?

Right now they have Green Arrow and Ra’s Al Ghul:

They’ve done other licenses in the past and post the “print run” like their On Demand cards:


I did not know this. Interesting!

Very smart to sell limited toys only available for a week and then put the amount produced in a searchable archive

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I agree. It’s just unfortunate it has taken them 3 years of trying to go it alone with their production, PR, and distribution to get to this point.

Honestly, when I was retailing figures online, Mego figures always flew out the door. There is a dedicated niche fan base who want them and gobble them up. As the archive numbers suggest, though, it’s in the four digits, not the five, six, and beyond digits.

I think this was the only realistic way they kept going. On demand, made to order, sold through an existing collectible platform.