Trading Card grading

I know this is not a trading card forum but I was wonder if there were card collectors who could give me advice on which card grading company to use. I collected cards over 30 years ago and have about 200 cards which I would like to grade. Does anyone know which is the best company, PSA, BGS, or SGC? thanks

I’ve always used Beckett for sports cards. And I know they do trading cards also.

I’m not 100% sure but I think CGC grades cards, what cards are you going to send off?

I really have no idea but I always thought PSA was the CGC of sports card grading. I really don’t collect sports cards. I have some. I would buy a pack or two of the premium stuff when I would take my kid brother to card shows back in the 90’s. Didn’t amass a ton but I did get a very rare Derek Jeter card from a pack and an Autograph Gretzky. I do want to get them graded at some point. I’ll keep the Gretzky but will eventually sell the Jeter.

Mostly rookie basketball cards, I have a handful jordan, bird, magic, pippen, kobe cards. The baseball cards i have are mostly worthless due to over production. I hear PSA is the way to go but i hear turnaround times is over 6 months.

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PSA is Collector’s Universe which is also PCGS for coins. Both PSA and PCGS slabs have been notoriously faked in China.

I personally feel like BGS (Beckett) holds more water, but that is just me… I’ve also been out of cards for a few years. That hobby makes me ill, so I’m not sure what the market is desiring nowadays.

PSA is the go to for card grading. But they recently doubled their grading fees.

PSA is considered the better choice for older cards (pre-junk wax era), while BGS seems to hold more favor for the modern era cards. SGC is another company that has been on the rise, but I don’t know too much about them.

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I have a Pokémon card to send it. Is PSA the best option? I have only been in the sports card area, where I prefer BGS.

If you have a cgc account already then it might be easier to just send them there. Seems to me PSA Is the gold standard of Pokémon collectors too tho.

PSA will generally return the most value if you eventually sell the product. The only issue is the 100% price increase and 1 million card back log which they are still trying to get through. If you can wait 6 -8 months PSA is the way to go.

If anything I sent stuff to literally doubled their price I’d probably quit it. Dang.

They increased prices to discourage submissions in lower tiers so they can catch up on the back log.

The one million card back log is mind boggling.

I don’t know much about cards, but did you say one million? That’s a backlog!

Yes 1 million card backlog, PSA has been trying to get through since last year. They are currently working on July 2020 submissions for the value tier cards at the time.