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I typically avoid trading cards, but I saw E.M Gist was doing some artwork for the new Fleer Ultra Avengers set and I couldn’t resist. Good lord I can’t believe how much cards are now days. Not easy to find either. Rather than nickle and dime it with singles off eBay (which aren’t cheap) I decided to ante up and buy a box.
I figured it would be the best shot at getting some of his art and also a possibility of flips to get some money back.
Here are the Gist cards I got (which was actually pretty lucky). A whole box at $350 is only 12 packs (6 cards a pack).
I will say, the quality and production of these cards is amazing. Again, I don’t buy cards and these sure aren’t the bubble gum cards of yesteryear.
Anyway, here are the Gist’s. I’ll post some other favorites later.


On target they have blaster boxes for $30, a lot cheaper but less cards. I ordered a box and its being shipped to me

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Yeah… ordered one there also. I’ve never had much luck with retail, non hobby packs. Just me, as I know plenty who have great pulls from them.

Card collectors probably say the same thing about comic books.

Gist continues to move up my ladder of fav current comic artists.