Trading Comics?

Curious as to if any of you ever really engage in the “trading” of comics.
I have a few people/fellow collectors around me that are routinely bugging me about getting together to trade books. The “hey, I know you like this sort of book…want to do some trading”? A few are even a bit pushy and annoying about it. Almost like I can tell they must have a show coming up, need money they could get from selling the books I have, etc.

Also had folks at shows approach me about trading as well.

For me, I just find it a big hassle and annoying at this point. I typically respond, that I’ll look at what you have and buy it if I want it. Then, they are usually like…“You have some great stuff…I’m interested in a ton of it. Let’s just do some trading”. blah blah blah.

For me, I feel like I always get rooked or the short end of the stick. My books are typically in great shape, in mylars, and keys/hotter books (in terms of what they know I have or see I have at a show)

Just feels like a con mans game and I’m not gonna be the source of their material for selling, etc. Ends up where I feel like I’m picking out books of theirs that I don’t even want to begin with just to make a trade.

Anyway…how about all of you?

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I feel the same way, but with my Pokemon cards. After long time collecting, I finally started to list some on Offer-up to see if I get any bites. So far a lot of trades. I just tell them I am trying to offload some of my collection, not add more and yes like you stated, they will offer shitty cards for my good cards. No thank you…

I don’t trade. I’d rather sell and buy what I want, and that’s because this is kind of what I see… which is what you posted too. However I’m not opposed to it, and I might even trade for equal value books, but I’m not trading my 1 “good” book for 20 books. I see it posted a lot in FB groups. ISO one $1K+ big book and here’s what I have to trade bunch of $20-100 books.

I can’t imagine there are many situations where both parties in a comic trade REALLY want what the other person has, and it’s mutually beneficial.


Rarely… and only with good friends… and only when I have duplicates of something


It’s one thing if someone wants to buy from you.

But If they’re pushing to trade, they are trying to get rid of something of theirs. Especially if it’s left vague/undefined what the object is.

If it’s “I’ve got a lot of fantastic four comics, but I’m really into Captain America” and you’re the opposite …the an exchange makes sense.

But someone who just wants to look over your books without a specific need and doesn’t disclose what they’re are putting out there ahead of time is a red flag to me.

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I would be open to trading books but have never done it before.

I intend, at some point, trade my boxes of $20 books for an investment piece. Instead of trying to sell each book, just trading them for a single book. I might take a hit value wise, but i feel its worth it not needing to do all the work of listing and shipping thousands of books

I wouldn’t mind trading but I’ve never done it.

I would gladly trade you my Drek on Tuesday for a hamburger today…


I’ve traded a few books before and always open to other trades it it’s something I want.

Off the top of my head I traded a Miles Morales Hip Hop variant ($ bin find 2 copies) for a 9.8 Batman #655 and a 9.0 New Teen Titans #2.

Traded an 9.8 Exiles 3 (paid $30) for a 9.8 Something is killing the Children #1 8th print, a 9.8 SIKTC #16 Shah variant and a raw Spider Gwen #24

Traded a Punisher #218 2nd print (found 3 of these in the $ bin) for a SIKTC #3 2nd print

Always worthwhile to me if it’s for something I want. I’m not just going to trade a book for key issues I don’t care about.

I’ve done trading at shows with dealers I often work with or with friends. For example, I know a guy who wants anything Spider-Man I get and will trade his other random good stuff for Spidey.

One shop owner buys a lot of stuff from me and will trade sometimes. I traded him a bunch of minor later Silver Age Keys for 2 rad earlier Silver Age Batman one time. He figured he would have an easier time moving less expensive stuff than waiting for someone to come buy two pricey keys.

There also is a pawn/vintage money shop in the area that started dabbling in comics. They’ll often take a bunch of minor keys from me in exchange for one or two bigger ones–especially if I give them older stuff for the modern keys. Their clientele tends to want Bronze Age, Silver Age, or older as it is usually aged guys who collect coins and have some funds to buy old comics they remember from their youth. They all pass on the modern stuff and I come scoop it up with glee.

There is a friend I see at a convention a bit North from me sometimes who has occasionally set up a booth and sometimes just attends the show. He brings a shortbox or two of stuff he’d trade for anything cool I’ve got.

I enjoy trading. It really a lot more popular in a Reddit group I’m in too when IRS rules seemed to start changing (although it keeps getting delayed). Some folks would rather trade big books than worry about the taxes of selling big ones.

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