Transformers… if you could pick one

If you could pick ONE cover from the original Transformers comic series that you think is the best or most iconic for the series, which cover would you pick? I guess that means you can pick two, lol.

This one - without question.



That’s an expensive book. Iove it, But given it’s an homage, I consider it more an iconic Batman cover than transformers. It’s not from the original (marvel) series either.

I think it comes down to just issue 1 and 5. And issue 1 is only iconic because it’s issue #1.

Issue 5is the only other cover in the series that is instantly recognizable.

Transformers the Movie #1 should be iconic given the cult status of the movie and all the first appearances with cover appearances.

There’s a few UK covers that I really like and would consider slabbing if I could find them for though grade.

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Issue 5 for sure.

Issue five is amazing and one of my favorites, but I have to go with #1. When I was 13 or 14 and getting into comics I couldn’t wait to get that issue! The cover told the whole story and I just had to wait until I saved enough for it. It was a whopping $5 or $6 at the local comic shops and I needed to do chores to get it!