Transporting Comics on a Plane

Been looking for info around this but can’t really find much, I’m going to be emigrating in a month and was hoping people may have done this or have some insight into transporting comics on planes.

The airline lets me take quite a bit of luggage with me and was wondering what the best way to pack my comics would be.

Should I just pack them in a shortbox and stick that in the suitcase or would it be best to package 10 books toghether with a protective layer over them and pack lots of smaller packages in the bags. Anyone transported a couple shotboxes on plane before that can share some advice :stuck_out_tongue:

I would consider shipping the books to my new address via a 3rd party carrier, as opposed to bringing them as luggage on a plane. Either way, I think I would feel the need to pack my books as if they were being shipped to a customer. I wouldn’t trust the baggage handlers at an airport. M2c.



Shipping is a no go, did a quote for just 4 shortboxes and the cheapest quote I got was about $4000 from South Africa to the UK and it will also take months to arrive. I assume any sort of handlers won’t care either way and will through it around no matter what it’s packed in so I’ll take the safer option for luggage. Suitcases have hard outter shells and can use clothes and such as “cushions” to try keep the boxes more stable.

It’s easy to ship a few books to customers get’s more tricky when mutliple boxes and international transport is involved, but doesn’t seem like any place has an answer so I’ll have to improvise and see how it goes :stuck_out_tongue:

wrap them with snakes


Yes, I would box them up as if shipping to a buyer. You could put the better ones in Gemini mailer bricks and put those bricks securely in a bigger container/box/luggage with bubblewrap/clothing and bring them with you on the flight. I don’t think short boxes would fare too well in the cargo shipping process.

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If you’re going to put comics on a plane, you’re going to need to tape them down to the wings. Simply putting them on a plane will result in the wind pushing them off the fuselage almost immediately and they’ll be left on the runway. I hope this has been helpful.

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I saw a documentary where someone attempted this. It didn’t go well.

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I suppose I could go into the garden and round up a few snakes.

I would use one of those equipment type cases that have the padding you can customize to transport them in. Keep the comics in the short boxes but make sure they’re packed good with cushion for impacts.

Try to find those waterproof hard shell cases or trunks that might be able to fit all 4 within, pack them tightly and securely as you can using the foam around the edges.

You might spend several hundred dollars but it’s gonna be far less than shipping and if your collection is valuable, should be worth every penny. These types of cases resell very well so you can probably recoup your costs after you arrive by selling it.

Here’s some pics of what you’re probably wanna look into: