Hey all, I’m flying up to Baltimore tomorrow and will be around the DC area for the holiday weekend…any recommendations on good comic shops I should check out while I’m there? Thanks!

Fantom comics is cool.

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Third Eye in Annapolis Maryland is a must. I would avoid the other Annapolis area store called Capital Comics, they will check eBay for prices on books.

In between Annapolis and DC is the town of Crofton. There is an excellent back issue store in the area called To Be Continued Comics.

Another stay away from place is called Cosmic Comics Collective in Bowie. It’s not a real comic shop just a nice guy selling his old junk collection.

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Also Big Planet Comics and Alliance Comics are not far drives from each other and are off the Capital Beltway.

Another place that’s an ok check out but try charging eBay prices for recent issues is Comics to Astonish in Columbia Maryland (it’s a hike from DC through traffic anyway)

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@Anthony Thanks for the tips! I went to Alliance, Third Eye, and Barbarian. Huge scores for the PC, so thank you!!

Glad it worked out. Did you mention I sent you at Third Eye. Everyone knows me there and heading back tomorrow.

I did actually. In the comic shop but not in the game store. There was a nice young woman who helped me out that was organizing all of the War of the Bounty Hunter books and she gave me the layout of the store. I told her how great I heard the place was from you and ou had sent me their way.

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Nice. I am sure they will mention it to me when I come in today.