True Believers : Hulk #1

Dust off your copys on Avengers 684, Marvel is putting the heat back on.

True Believers: Hulk Returns
reprinting Avengers (2017) #684.

In Chapter 10 from the weekly “No Surrender” storyline: Back from the dead! He cannot be reasoned with. He will not be stopped. Bruce Banner isn’t home right now. There is only The Immortal Hulk .

F.O.C. of this issue is 8/26 and looks to have a $1 price tag.

What will this do to the aftermarket value of the original # 684 ?

I don’t think the value for Avengers #684 will be affected at all. It is a good starting point for newer Hulk collectors so it will probably always be in demand.

Nothing. Just like the effect all the other true Believers have had on the issues they reprint.

I am excited in that I sent my 1st print of 684 to cgc for grading before I read it (doh!) and I haven’t been able to track down a reprint since then.

So this makes me not regret slabbing it. I went with the fancy avengers label too!

Make no mistake the true Believers are great for those of us that have no interest in investing in (or handling) an original copy but want to read the story. As a collector/investor it has no influence on what books I desire or what I’ll pay for them.

If anything, it may make me want the original if the story resonates with me.

Me again…

Did everyone see that Marvel is putting out facsimiles of AF15 and Incredible Hulk #1 in October?

So psyched. Can move my true believer and reprinted copies now…