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Wanted to ask if some of you out there are willing to help me out. I am avoiding eBay by all means, MyComicShop screwed up my order, but I may have to go back to them this weekend. Anyhoo. If any of your LCS have “True Believer Comics” let me know. Some of you know I collect my $1 in sets of 5. This will complete 5 sets of True Believers runs I have been working to acquire. I am not really picky about the grade as long as the book is complete. These sets will be given as a gift to each of my nephews when I pass on to another realm. (I already got it in my will too.) I know some titles like the Deadpools are hard to find, but below is what I seek.

(2x) I need only 2 copies
(3x) I need only 3 copies)
(2-3x) = I need 3 Copies but will settle with 2
(4-5x) = I need 5 copies but will settle with 4

True Believer Titles I seek/need:
If you need help look for the picture, you can find it at:
[](If you need help look for the picture, you can find it at:

(2x) All-New, All Different Avengers: Cyclone
(2x) Avengers vs Thanos
(2x) Cable & The New Mutants
(2x) Chewbacca
(2x) Deadpool the Musical
(2x) Droids
(2x) Extraordinary X-Men: The Burning Man
(2x) Fantastic Four: Hulk vs. Thing
(2x) Fantastic Four: Marvel Two-in-One (The Thing and The Man Thing)
(2x) Fantastic Four: What if (Spiderman Joined the Fantastic Four)
(2x) Invincible Iron Man: The War MAchines

(2x) Jack Kirby: Captain America
(2x) Jack Kirby: The InHumans!
(2x) Jack Kirby: Thor vs. Hulk
(2x) New Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four vs. Fantastic Four)
(2x) Phoenix: Bizarre Adventures
(2x) Star Wars Covers
(2x) Thanos The First
(2x) Uncanny Avengers: The Bagalia Job
(2x) Vader Down
(2x) Venom: Agent Venom
(2x) Venom: Carnage
(2x) Wolverine Origin

(2-3x) Jack Kirby: Nick Fury, Agent of Shield.
(2-3x) Kanan: The Last Padawan
(2-3x) Lando
(2-3x) Miles Morales: Ultimate Spiderman
(2-3x) Princess Leia
(2-3x) Spider-Gwen
(2-3x) Spider-Woman
(2-3x) Thor

(3x) All New Wolverine
(3x) Venom: Symbiosis
(3x) What if Phoenix had not Died?
(3x) Wolverine vs. Hulk

(4-5x) Age of Apocalpyse
(4-5x) Amazing Fantasy Starring Spider-Man
(4-5x) Armor Wars
(4-5x) Black Panther
(4-5x) Captain America Lives Agains
(4-5x) Civil War
(4-5x) Deadpool
(4-5x) Deadpool Origins
(4-5x) Deadpool The Variants
(4-5x) Detective Deadpool
(4-5x) Doctor Strange: The Last Days of Magic
(4-5x) Evil Deadpool
(4-5x) Guardians of The Galaxy: Galaxy’s Most Wanted
(4-5x) JAck Kirby The Eternals
(4-5x) Jack Kirby: Ant Man and The Wasp
(4-5x) Jack Kirby: The Mighty Thor
(4-5x) Journey to Star Wars: Shattered Empire
(4-5x) Marvel Zombies
(4-5x) Miles Morales Spiderman
(4-5x) New Mutants
(4-5x) Old Man Logan (vol. 1)
(4-5x) PEter Parker, The Spectacular Spiderman
(4-5x) Planet Hulk
(4-5x) Star Wars (Star Wars Day)
(4-5x) The Amazing Spider-Man: Brand New Day
(4-5x) The Amazing Spider-Man: The Dark Kingdom
(4-5x) The Groovy Deadpool
(4-5x) The Meaty Deadpool
(4-5x) The Mighty Thor: The Strongest Viking There is
(4-5x) The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
(4-5x) The Wedding of Deadpool
(4-5x) Uncanny Deadpool
(4-5x) X-Men Blue
(4-5x) X-Men Gold

If shop isn’t crazy when I’m there today I’ll take a look. Otherwise I’ll go this week in the evening and see what they still have and let you know.

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Just found an unopened mail box package.

I’ll have to update this list, tonight.

Dusting this older thread off. My LCS has a truckload of True Believers reprints in dollar boxes, and I always just skip them entirely. Have any gained any sort of value/demand? Any I should be on the lookout for? This is a blind spot for me, and the lack of knowledge here is bugging me.

I see some sales on ebay, but haven’t been able to pick up a trend of which books to hunt (if any).

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I just collect them in 5s. I am putting a box of stuff my nephews can someday read and that are affordable for me to obtain.

some are difficult to find in the wild. :expressionless:

The answer is absolutely. I’ve been meaning to create a thread about it, but wanted to look around my LCS’s first.

AF15, ASM1, JIM83, Avengers #4, Kanan #1 are the ones that immediately come to mind as selling for $15 and up regularly.

Do a search on eBay of True Believers and scroll down to $20 sales…you’ll see which ones move.


i bought a amazing fantasy 9.8 signed by stan lee for like 225, it sells for like 700-1k now, the facsimile editions have hurt true believers prices tho


It’s crazy how much more people will pay for a 9.8 signature series of that true believers than say a 9.6 or 9.4 signature series.

It’s like, you buying the signature or the book?

yea for me i have only 2-3 signed books, 2 signed by stan lee, the af15 true believers and a ff1 fascimille. since i knew i would never own the OG’s

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I got a boatload of signatures by Roy Thomas, Gerry Conway on some True Believers and graded. Kinda regret selling them now. One as ASM 129… it was a 9.6

I buy those in sets of 5 as well. Sometimes more…
:slight_smile: I am search for more FF Annual #6s Facsimiles right now…
If your LCS gots them at cover let me know.
Let me know what Facisimiles your LCS has for cover and we will talk… :slight_smile:

i live in the country, so i buy almost everything online. only facsimiles i bought were the af15 signed by lee, and a ff #1 signed by lee like 3 days before he died

@CRUZZER, my LCS’s have tons of these TBs. Unfortunately all the “popular” ones are long gone, but I’ll make a list for ya Wednesday.

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Please and THANK YOU!
I appreciate it immensely.

Yeah, not a ton of great ones at my shop. A few Thor 337 Beta Ray Bill. Not sure if those are worth it. Seems like some have sold, but for well under $10.

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Any word or what not?

Sorry, did not make it there yet. Work got in the way…

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