Trust Levels - Primary Requirements to Achieve

Okay, here’s a quick breakdown of the Trust Level requirements:

Trust Level 0 = Everyone starts here as a new user. Pretty much login and do nothing after that, you’ll be a level 0 forever.

Trust Level 1 when:

  1. Member enters 10 different topics
  2. Reads 50 posts
  3. Must spend 15 minutes reading posts

Trust Level 2 when:

  1. Member enters 30 different topics
  2. Reads 100 posts
  3. Must spend 60 minutes reading posts
  4. Must visit site at least on 15 different days
  5. Must have 1 like recieved
  6. Must give 1 like to another
  7. Must reply to at least 10 topics

Trust Level 3 when:

  1. Must be active 70 days in the past 90 days
  2. Must reply to at least 30 topics in past 90 days
  3. Must have viewed 40 topics in past 90 days
  4. Must have read 50 posts in past 90 days
  5. Must have viewed a minimum of 200 topics all time
  6. Must have viewed/read minimum of 300 posts all time
  7. Cannot have more than 5 posts flagged (yes, you can report people if you think they’re breaking the rules)
  8. Minimum days is 14 that a trust level 3 can be demoted back to trust level 2. (Yes, if you reach it and then go inactive, you can be demoted back to trust leve 2).
  9. Must give at least 30 likes
  10. Must receive at least 20 likes

And all these values listed here can be customized. But these are the settings. There’s some other values involved but that’s the gist of it.


What if we report you more then 5 times… do u get demoted :wink:


But maybe I’ll make it every time you report a moderator or admin, it knocks you down a level… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do u have negative levels?

No need. I guess if a member is that bad they just get banned.


You forgot Trust Level 4. That’s when we get access to the all-you-can-eat ice cream machine.

Level 4 :


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Trust Level 4 means you’re not getting paid to moderate. That is when we trust you enough to be our CHU Forum Jedi Master, those who keep the peace…

And now that the forums are getting busier and busier, we should start seeing more people gain trust level 3 in the process. More content = easier to achieve the requirements.

Thanks for laying this all out! What are the perks for levelling up?

Right now, the warm fuzzy feeling of being a trustworthy member on the forums :slight_smile:

But one perk is, once you gain trust level 2, we have the Lounge category that’s only available for those at level 2 or higher. So it’s just a more limited audience for the people who have been around longer, etc.

I am talking with @Anthony about creating a “Remove the Ads” group. Something where you donate :moneybag: to the site and we’ll place you in the group that removes the ads on the forums.


Looks like I have some work to do

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Same here. I thought I was almost at level 3, but it turns out I will need another year before that happens lol

@agentpoyo I know I’ve got a CHU addiction when I’m spending more time on here than my actual social media and I’m researching ways to get more badges and increase my trust level :man_facepalming:


I can make custom badges so please do let me know of any you might want to see… :wink:

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Could you give Cody Walker a crap emoji/badge with a name tag that says “I’m Cody Walker, I’m crap” on it?.. with smelly lines all over the place?


Maybe you can give to people who get temporarily banned…Call it the Cody dishonor award badge for temporary insanity.

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Maybe give D-Rog a spec hater badge

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Def need a “I ordered 500+ copies and now y’all talked about it prior to FOC so I hate you all” badge too

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