Tuesday night spoiler request

Some pages from Ghost Machine…

Red Coat seemed the lead interesting but I enjoyed it. Think immortal Captain America

Rook looks cool.

Characters with animal powers


Does anyone read the regular Turtles series here? The book is ending at 150. The character on the cover of 148 looks to be a cybernetic version of Jennika, but I only saw her on the last page…not sure if this is a “first” for her in this form or not.

Looking for some backstory, if anyone has it.

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Perhaps it is Venus??

Spoiler cover for Transformers Issue #5 looks to be out…thought it was going to be Devestator because the solicitation and B cover indicate it will appear.

However, the big reveal apparently looks as though Optimus will be helping himself to Megatron’s arm and scope/fusion cannon. That could be fun!


That sounds cool…


I may have to pick up a copy of Outsiders 3. Anyone reading this?

Sounds really good.

Slow week for stories.

Batman City of Madness?
Batman 143?

Penthouse Comics (If appropriate).

I’d say Transformers if anything interesting happens at the end.

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Is there much of anything this week?

I’m excited for, “Penthouse Comics,” at least as the old one had great art and fun stories loaded with eroticism. I’m hopeful the new series does the same.

I have issue 2 of the first series because it is an Adam Hughes Cover. I think I may have two copies or at least I used to.

Spawn 350

Batman 143



Edge of Spoder-verse 1.

You heard me….SPODERVERSE!!!

Incredible Hulk #9 - new villain. Frozen Charlotte? Wondering if her name sake is anything like origins of the name.

Spider-Boy #4 - introducing Boy-Spider? Maybe the character on cover A?

USM2 - apparently Peters daughter doesn’t like the all-black costume…foreshadowing it’s demise…wonder if he’ll end up rejecting it….:face_with_monocle:

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but that was last week’s

Oops. 144***

I got you.

That is Mile Morales on the A cover. I believe Boy-Spider is what they are calling Spider-Boy.

According to EiC, who had read it, Boy-Spider is a separate character.

Ok, may be worth checking out then.

Ah. I saw the “spider sense” lines and thought that was part of the costume. Confused me.