Tuesday night spoiler request

That was a full vision Luke had with Elzar Mann. Went on for quite a few panels of dialog between him and Luke.

So first appearance in hologram.

Best cameo ever is Destro…parts of his body appear in ~20 panels, drives the story but never named nor face revealed.


Ugh. Proto-Goblin is the same one from Spiderman Minus One.

Moon knight was surprising. And obscure.

Venom is no big deal.

Spoilers posted later.


I noticed back on FOC for this issue that’s what looked like Elita-One (Optimus Prime’s girlfriend from the cartoon) on the cover. So grabbed a copy today.

Sure enough she debuts in this issue plus a few others.

Huffer, Warpath and Kup also debut. Along with Ultra Magnus (in a flashback).

None of these are first appearances in comics. Just in this storyline, which has been pretty good so far. Really enjoying Image’s Energon Universe.