Tuesday Night Spoilers

Pretty interesting week for spoilers:

We find out Thor may be the half-brother of a certain Guardian of the Galaxy (and not who you would expect

We find out who the mysterious Harvestman is.

Spiderling, Mary Jane and Peter’s daughter from Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows gets caught in a dangerous web and is transformed.

And Conan dies.


That character dying makes sense considering Marvel is losing the rights. As soon as they become public domain in America I’m sure they’ll be back.

Figured they had to get rid of him some way. I hope TItan starts off with a reference to the Marvel series.

I got a good chuckle from the guys asking for Hulk #8 spoilers, they still hope Donny Cates can finish a story😂


Yeah, not happening anytime soon

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Past two weeks people have been knuckle heads with the spoilers. Last week someone was complaining about glare. This week mad about Hulk.

My IPhone is broken and I don’t want to drop a grand on a new one. Other priorities. Maybe do a go fund me in the spoiler section maybe they will halo.


How is the current Hulk comic only up to issue 8? I feel like it started forever ago. That many delays?

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Its been like 2.5 months since the last issue of the Banner War mini-event. I’m not sure if the indie deals that Cates has is taking precedence or if Marvel held it back for the movie or what.

This is straight up comedy. Tell us more! You can’t please them all Tony!

Good grief. Go to the damn store and skim through Hulk 8 yourself if you want to know what happens. Skim through all the books for that matter if you want to see what happens.

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i pay good money for this site
i want hulk spoilers


You guys were not supposed to mention pay in front of David ix-nay on the oney-may.


Don’t threaten me with a good time! Meatballs are keto! Also, im down to 193…

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My Lg went out cause they discontinued updating software or some nonsense so I bought a burner phone. Seems it’s better then my LG… go figure!

Ok but seriously did anyone else see that Daniel Warren Johnson co-wrote issue 8? I wonder why… did he have input on Beta Ray Bill?

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