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Hi guys! So far, I like evrything on here! I like the topics and categories, but I might suggest one major title change. What about keeping “Tuesday Night” as a major title. I would think that many, many of your followers have become addicted to the Tuesday night information and spoilers…I think you should keep it as a major title. For some, it will be a one stop shopping experience, but the sub-categories can still cascade into their appropriate topic. For example; “Tuesday Night” is the main category, but let’s say Mel’s Variant Picks would be in that forum as a sub-category, while also being linked to the Speculation Category.

I might further suggest making the title something like “Tuesday Night” as all of the veterans know exactly what that is and basically forms an “ode” to your roots, while still developing and expanding the site in general.


Similarly to “Poyo’s Spec and Drek”, some unique titles really add that personal touch that long term followers love. It also forms part of your branding…for followers, but also advertisers et al.


I like the idea. Let’s see what others say as well.

We’ve also considered posting the snippets of our posts as well here or the full post via cross site integration as we can integrate into the main site but the plug-in pretty much takes over all comments, so the main site would post comments there but any links bring you here for the actual discussion.

So we’re not sure how some users feel about that. Some likely want to post via Wordpress and not join the forums.


And if Tuesday Night is the main category, a sub-category could also be “Spoilers”… :slight_smile:

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Hmmmm…interesting. Well, I am pretty confident that you all are working on a master plan for the site. I think that’s wise for your future health and growth. I’m not sure which structure is better for future monetization. Number of clicks or number of registered users.


A slow migration to the forum style will probably be inevitable…just keep pointing the way and then have a plan to make the transition as easy as possible.


I think so as well. We’ll see how it works out for sure. I’m just glad to get this going. It gives everyone a way to connect even more. Create your own topics, you can private message others, etc.


Hey Vann, thanks for the feedback. We are inviting in long time and trusted members to the forum first to “beta test”. We are keeping the site as the site and making the forum an additional thing.

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PM is a great feature…but you also have to build in some security measures. You will definitely need to have a clearly defined “third rail” that if someone steps on that, you have to cut their membership. Managing risk through exposure, liability and security are paramount for the site’s continued growth and prosperity. Consider forming a panel of mods to review certain items that warrant a serious look. Expulsion is never easy to do, but inherently necessary in a forum style of website.


My pleasure Anthony! I like that! You can then take your time building it out the way you want while still running the show…and if I can help with some feedback, comments etc, it’s always my pleasure to do so.

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Yes, a forum is a whole new ballgame for sure but it’s going to be worth it I think in the long run.

The nice thing about Discourse (what this forum is based off of), it’s big on security. Over time as a user, you gain trust to unlock more power within the forums.

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You have so many great followers with such diverse backgrounds. I think inviting feedback from many of them is a brilliant move. There are some real smart cookies (pun intended) that follow your site and regularly post. Building an inclusive community like this is going to make this a “go-to” site and environment.

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Yeah. The idea is to bring a more insiders club in the forum but everyone is welcome while the site remains the general site for information. The one advantage Google+ and Facebook had was the ability for anyone to post topics and news. That will help us get more info out.


Yeah, I see the main site as the main information hub, the forums is where we all jump over on to continue the discussions, create new ones, converse with all the fellow comic book nerds of the world. I’m not saying don’t comment on the main site but the forums are designed for the more ongoing conversations.


I like Vann’s idea of Tuesday night topic. There may be overlap and duplication between the conversations on forum and comments on articles for awhile, ppl will eventually figure out what works best.

I really like flexibility of starting my own topics. I recall so many times wanting to chat with CHU about some new info and not really having a place to bring it up that makes sense. e.g. an announcement on Sat - but the Wed open forum has cooled off and there is not an article on it, so I just randomly post in the most recent article but way off topic. Now i can just hit up the forum

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Perfect. Feel free to create topics.


I actually did create the “Tuesday Night” category with a sub-category of “Spoilers” within it. :slight_smile:

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