Tynion signing at CGC

I sent some books for this just bec I haven’t done it before and wanted to get the experience. I sent in 2 copies of dept of Truth 1, 2 hell arisen 3 3rd prints and 1 siktc 11 blank variant. I literally decided to send books in a few days before the deadline so I kinda just rushed.

Don’t even know if they’re all 9.8s but I pressed em to give them a better chance.

Anyone else send stuff in? Any idea on when the signing will actually take place?

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Be very patient. A friend sent a Ronin 1 variant to get signed by Eastman in January.

Still nothing back…but it is magazine size books seem to take longer.
GL on them all!

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Thanks. Thankfully I’m not in a rush at all to get these back. By the time I do, I’ll probably have forgotten about them and they’ll be a nice surprise lol.


I would expect a massive backlog as they increased their prices May 1st and it was a mad rush in submissions by April 30th…and with cons coming in if you didn’t fast pass it you’ll likely be waiting 8 months minimum if you added pressing.

Not sure what their TAT was in moderns with pressing prior to 4/30, but expect it to be much much worse.

So hopefully you’re ok with the wait. Let us know how it goes! You’ll get your books though…eventually. Hang in there!

I sent in books in January for pressing/grading and they are still sitting at “received”.

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It was my first time…