U.S. Marshals Comic Book Auction Ends 8/24/2021


This auction is pretty cool. It has a little bit of something for everybody.

Walking Dead Original Adlard Art Portfolio

COMIC ART: (16) Original comic art by Charles Adlard on comic board, Walking Dead, issue 9 page 22; issue 23 page 16; issue 39 page 16; issue 46 page 7; issue 47 page 11; issue 65 page 17; issue 70 page 6; issue 94 page 22; issue 96 page 6; issue 98 page 19; issue 104 page 1; issue 105 pages 6, 7, 22; issue 106 page 10; issue 107 page 17

CGC Lot with Ultimate Spider-Man and Bedlam

Amazing Spider-Man #13 CGC 9.0

Amazing Spider-Man #16 CGC 9.2

Amazing Spider-Man Annual CGC 9.0

Finally, this one’s for @agentpoyo , a sketch portfolio with a Rob Guillory Poyo:

Happy browsing!

That’s alredy too much for that chicken head… I think I already got a smaller one he did for practically free from a con a few years back. :slight_smile:

Some of the lots are admittedly bundled and priced weird. I don’t know why the Ultimate Spider-Man stuff is bundled with the Bedlam stuff.

The Guillory chicken head is bundles with 3 other sketches and two signed prints. Weird indeed.

because they honestly don’t care and are just unloading it. It was the same with those Star Wars lots in some cases. They were bundling modern junk along with a single rare vintage item.
Sure, they are going to look up obvious pieces, but for the most part, I think they just list em and want em gone.

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