The end is near.

Where can I get this UFO’s first appearance at?

I would suggest the Golden Key UFO Flying Saucers series from the 60’s

Lol. Way to bring in comics. I would love UFO’s to be real. Unless they are coming to harvest us for food.

UFOs are real. UFO is simply an unidentifiable flying object. If Russia sends a prototype aircraft over North America that we cannot identify, then that is an UFO. They are not determined to be extraterrestrial. Now, if we have extraterrestrial flying objects, that is a different story. I believe astronauts aboard the ISS have reported seeing odd things flying around in space too. We are not alone.

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Yes but the propulsion system of these UFO’s suggest it’s out of this world or time traveling Nazis from the past of future time travelers. If any current government had this propulsion technology available they would of already taken over the world.

Unless they have the craft in their possession, there is no way to tell what kind if propulsion system the object is using. You can look for clues that are given by said aircraft, but unless you can physically study it, there is no way to tell what system it is using.
And I am not aware of any propulsion system that can evade a nuclear bomb. You may have the fastest jet, but that wont help you when the a-bomb is dropped on you. So, even if a foreign government does have state of the art propulsion systems that the rest of the world is unaware of, that is no guarantee that they would rule the world. M2c.

Of course aliens are real. Crop circles are proof of them. Didn’t you all know that crop circles are the aliens way of warning others traveling to this planet that there is “no intelligent life here” and they can keep moving to the next habitable planet.

UFO is totally real. Great band from the 70’s, especially when Michael Schenker played guitar for them!

Even if Aliens are real and wanted us gone they would have hurled a few asteroids into the planet years ago, wait a couple of decades for the dust to clear and colonize. Eazy Peazy (that would be the planets new name). No reason for them to wait for our tech to keep advancing until they invade when they could have done it years ago. Makes no sense I tells ya! I should just grow crazy hair and start a pod cast.