UK PRICE Variant VS Canadian PRICE Variant VS US Variant

Hello Team,

Recently I’m looking to pickup an ASM #101 slabbed, and I notice there is a UK Price Variant that has an asking price similar to the US version (The UK version has a extremely low census ( < 5 UK) vs (200 US). If the price were the same, would you go for the UK or US? However, I did came across VIA (GOOGLE) collector prefer the US Edition of the book when compared to the UK version during the silver age. Do you think that statement is still true considering that the market gives a premium over CPV (Canadian Price Variant) when comparing to the US?

In addition, is there a situation where you can compare UKPV vs CPV? If so, can you let me know of the book.

In conclusion, would the team value

CPV > US (Premium over US version), in conclusion, can one say UK (Pence) > US (Cent) (Due to rarity)?

I think a lot depends on grade. UK and CPV are generally going to be harder to find in the highest grades, and therefore the values should reflect their rarity. When you get into mid to lower grades it doesn’t matter as much and collectors, particularly us collectors, want the just want the US version. So I think there just isn’t as much demand for lower grade uk/cpvs.

So in the end, it’s really about what you would like to own in your personal collection, and not worry about which one is worth more.

If you’re looking to invest…I’d only chase uk/cpvs in the highest grades.


Based on your feedback. For similar pricing, if I was going to put my $, I should go for the UK, cause its like 4 vs 200. Not even a comparison. So hard to price these guys when ratio is way off. If the 9.2 going rate is about 1500, should UK go for 2K? or simply 1600? Just saying.

Back in the day people always wanted the Us version of books and prices in foreign was less. With modern variant collectors it evened out. I’d say buy the best one and don’t worry if it is pence or dollar

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I’m a big fan of Canadian Price variants as it’s a real thrill for me to find one.

Regardless, it’s the same comic and just depends on your preference. The UK/Australian/Canadian editions remind me of when newsstands started to gain popularity. There were quite a few people on the CGC forum that refused (and continue to) to believe that a barcode could cause a comic to have any kind price advantage. They were wrong for the most part, especially regarding modern newsstands. I think rarity really plays well for “keys”, not for every comic.

I guess I’d rather have a comic that was a challenge to find, over one that is readily available depending on what character it is. Some of my favorite finds are: ASM 252 Canadian, Thor 337 Canadian (1st Beta Ray Bill), Deadpool Merc with a Mouth 7 newsstand (1st Lady Deadpool) and a beautiful copy of ASM 275 Canadian (reprints 11 pages of Amazing Fantasy 15, Spidey’s origin).

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Look at the 1st Beta Ray - many variants. Hard to tell which I wanted so I got them all at 9.8. I thought the Canadian Newsstand Price Variant was the rarest, so I got one on auction from HA for a whopping $3,600 (one of my worst buys ever). Then another one showed up the next week, so I bid it up a little and got a second one for less. Then the next week, same thing, this went on for a few weeks. I now have like 3 or 4. The worst part is that niether GPA or GoCollect show any of this data. Both of those companies are dead and just take money for nothing. There were very few on the census at that time, now there are 83.


I think the best way to avoid this is only collect silver age UK price variant due to rarity of these issue, your not going find these in massive print in 9.8 condition. However, some dealer I spoke to, the market seems to treat UK Price (Pence) variant as the step child in regards to value and appreciation. Go figure. Its like your CVR A is worth more than the 1:25 copy.

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I’m in another comic forum with an individual from the U.K. that claims even in the U.K. they’re still considered “Dirty Pence” copies. (His words; not mine).

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So in essence, UK Price variant still get a bad rep even though it more rare and is printed on the same machine (same time - 1st print) get the step-child treatment in regard collectability Basically price should be lower based on other dealers feedback… However, according to GPA, most of the sold price have been comparable to US edition so what gives…

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I gave up eons ago trying to make sense of this hobby and which have value over others.

When we’re creating equations like 1st cover but only cameo but first face view, but 1:25 only because cover 1B has store variants, that’s where I gave up. Now we have price variants but only if Canadian; but not Pence but only if print run less than XXXXX and if no Australian PV. It’s just gotten silly.

I’ve gotten to the point where it is whatever I like is the item that will NOT have long term value.

Just goes back to buy what you like…don’t worry about others.

If you can get the same book in a uk or CPV for less, why not?!

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