Umbrella Academy one per store hardcover

Hey all. Anyone have any info on this Umbrella Academy one-per-store retailer thank you hardcover? I saw somewhere that there were only 1000 of these made, but I can’t confirm that as there’s zero info about this book online.

My store had that out for sale. Is it really that limited?

From Key Collector>

Maybe this is the morning fog talking, but can anyone decipher what this means?

1 of 16 books offered free-of-charge to 10 randomly selected retailers in a Dark Horse promotion that awarded 100 special edition variants to each store

This is a one per store, and there are 1000 total, but 10 stores got 100 each? Huh?

2007 publish date? Long gone by now.

It’s a 2021 book. Just hit this week, apparently. It reprints the first volume of umbrella academy though.